Saturday, January 28, 2012

Softhearted Mindy...

Yeah, if you know my sister and animals you know it's true!

This little story just goes to prove it!  (0:
Mindy got a phone call from a friend that told her this mare was bred similar to her Good Barrel Mare Breeze and was not being cared for.  She was free to anyone who wanted her, papers and all.  Mindy said, call some of the previous owners...
The friend said, already did.  No one is interested, but she needs rescued.

Mindy made a few calls to no avail and dismissed it as not her problem.  Then her vet called.  He is the vet that the Humane Society uses to check animal complaints.  He told her that he thought that she should help this mare...after all she was bred kind of like Mindy's mare...
Mindy made few more calls...

She got a few people that told her if she would get the mare and feed her back up, they would try and help her find a place for her.  So Mindy called the first friend and they went with a couple of bales of hay to look at this mare.
She wasn't as bad off as Mindy thought she could be.  She had brought a couple of blankets with her just in case...
So she unloaded the hay, spread it around the pasture for "Bay" Breeze and the mare that was with her and blanketed Breeze.  She told the owners mom, she would be back to pick up Breeze as soon as the weather cleared and she could get her trailer out of the driveway.

So now Mindy has Breeze in her front pasture fattening up and waiting for a new home.  I don't know if she is broke, but she has been used for a brood mare several times.  The gray horse is a mare out of her and by Billy Montana (or a son of his...I am not sure which) and is very competitive in Washington Pattern Speed Horse.  The Roan is a gelding out of her, by Blue Drifting Smoke...Fiona's daddy.

I know times are tough all over in the horse world, but if anyone is interested in this mare, please comment and I will get you in touch with my sister.
Here is all the information I have on her as far as her pedigree:
The mares name is Sweet Sence Abreezy.  X0527186.
Her sire is Super Sence Amillion. 2892831.
There are a couple more horses at this residence free to any home...  )0:  Papers, maybe.  Underfed, definitely...

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Found Easy's Sale Photos

I had to download a transfer form from APHA to send to Easy's new owners.  It wasn't easy or fun.
I honestly don't think APHA and AQHA horses are different from each.  I see it really as just a color thing, not a physical or mental attribute issue.
The breed association websites however are sooo different.  And AQHA is definitely far more user friendly and their forms are structured for your typical 8x11 papers sizes.  APHA wants you to print on 8x13.  Who has 8x13 paper laying around?  Not me...not even at the shop. 
So I had to shrink it and then write as small as I could to get it filled out.

It must have worked out though.  Haven't heard from the new owners, so no new pictures of Easy.
But I dug through some old (very old) e-mails and found the names of the people I'd sold him to in 2007.  I then went to FaceBook and entered their names...  The mom's page was set to private, but the daughters wasn't.  And there in her picture albums was a for sale album and there was Easy!  (0:
So I borrowed them!  These were labeled as last summer.  So he was a 5 year old.

The only thing that I don't like about these pictures is/are his feet.  I don't mind a barefoot horse, matter of fact, I REALLY wish I had horses that could be barefoot 365!  But I haven't had much luck with that...)0:  And what I don't like about them...well I am not totally sure...just something isn't right.

Easy's new owner did tell me he had gotten him at an auction, but had talked to the owners.  I wasn't really too terribly upset that he was ran through an auction, but was really happy to hear that the sellers were there trying to ensure that Easy was sold to a good/decent home.
I have also talked to a few people I know that rope, and they are familiar with Easy's new owner.  He is a horse trainer/trader...but is known for putting horses to work and selling with honesty.  That makes me happy!  (0:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Plowed!

Sunday Chad jumped on the tractor and I start my Sunday chores.  Which of course involves the barn...and on my way there, I saw these.

Moose tracks!  I have seen our tall dark visitor once this year already, so I wasn't really all that surprised.  (0:  
We are apparently on the winter route for this particular cow.  I haven't seen her since the snow has fallen, but suspect I will.  I am trying to keep my camera with in reach just in case.  Hope my diligence pays off!

The girls and Hee-Haws get some kind of enjoyment out of Chad and the tractor.  They like to watch and see what he is going to do, then they decide if it's worthy of their time.  This day...well, the decided it was worthy of their time!  They watched him blow up the driveway and then they waited...

And when he came back down...well they waited for the snow to start hitting the fence.  And when it did, then scattered.  Ran a circle and then poised themselves for his return.  They repeated this for all four of Chads passes by them.  Once he moved to the other part of the drive way, then went to eating the fresh snow that had made it into the pasture.

Fiona and Tari were the ones most interested in the fresh blown snow, but everyone took a bite.  I can't imagine what they could be missing in their diets that this blown snow would give them...  So I have decided that it's just their inner child playing a little bit.  (0:

Fiona's inner child is on the verge of getting shocked.  It makes Chad SO MAD when he sees her using the fence as some sort of stringed instrument.  It make me laugh when she does it.  But I know for a fact that she needs not do this and does need shocked...

But if I forget to turn off the fence, then the dogs and I tend to get shocked.  It hurts like he!! and so I try and not to set myself up for sparking....  But it may be coming!

Isn't she cute when she is being naughty??  I'm quite smitten with this horse...there is a chance that I am one of those people that believe their kid can do no wrong!  (0:

I am going to put off  turning on the fence for a few more days, then I will have to turn it on...
And Fiona will be fixed for a few weeks.  Then she will start her good girl phase...and we will start our little game all over again!  I like to think of it as the circle of life.  (0:

Isn't she just cute!

Tari too!  (0:
I couldn't get the others to put their heads over the gate, guess they were just camera shy.

Have I ever mentioned I love my truck?
Well if not... I love my truck!  (0:  Yes I do!
Next April, I will have owned it for 10 years.  How crazy is that??  Better than that, it will have been paid off for 6 years.  How crazy is that??  LOL!!

Seven says she'll see ya later!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

There's No Such Thing As Too Much....

Jack-Jack!  (0:
Just ask him, he'll tell you!

I like this picture, only because I can really see his whiskers and the change in the texture of his hair from his nose up his forehead.

And a picture of Patron...just so he doesn't think I'm playing favorites...  but....  Jack-Jack ALWAYS comes to say hello and Patron only does if he thinks I 've got treats...  (0:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tundra Ponies

Took this pictures as I was feeding the girls and Hee-Haws this afternoon.  It was about 4:30 p.m. or so and the light was fading fast...

So these pictures color is a bit off...but you get the idea.  Cold and snowy.

Although they do have some ice sickles on them, no one is shivering or showing any signs of being cold...last year it got so rotten with negative temps here I went out and bought everyone a new blanket. 

Well everyone but Remi.  She wasn't here when I went on my blanket buying frenzy and she came with a really nice winter blanket so she is covered too.

The blankets are on stand by if needed...stalls and covered runs are ready too.  But I doubt they'll be needed...  Got lots of good hay and wind breaks so they should be fine...

We have certainly had winter come on late and serious here this week!  It's not a very heavy or wet snow.  Just kinda dry and light.  Which makes it good for shoveling.  And drifting...had a little bit of that early on, but the wind has stopped!  Thank God!!  We still need to plow/blow the driveway...but we are just 4x4-ing it until the weekend.

It's not packing, so there shouldn't be a problem...just going to take a few hours to clean it up!  (0:

Even when it's nasty, the dogs think they should still go for a run.  So all bundled up I run them with the Danger.  Freezes the crap outta me...and hairless Seven is kind cold when we are done, but these high energy dogs need a release!

I just hope the snow stops before I have to take the tractor to clear the rail beds for the Danger!  Wouldn't that be crazy?  Snow blowing a community trail so you can drive on it to run your dogs!  That'd get the neighbors talking...
And probably me committed to the looney bin by my husband!
I took all the dog pictures from the danger, so the camera had a hard time focusing through the Plexiglas windshield.

And just to show how little snow we had on Sunday...

Here is the only picture I got to take before my camera battery died...

Stay warm!!  (0:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey There!

Just wanted to announce that it's snowing at our house!  (0:

Friday, January 13, 2012


Last Sunday I went out armed with my camera, a decent day, time on my hands, and a few Apple Asses.
I had hoped to get a few side/profile pictures of Fiona and then anyone else who would let me.
I didn't have a chance...  They swarmed me just to get some love.
Apparently theses short days have really made them feel like I don't love them any more.
So they were posturing trying to get me to get "that" spot when one of the donkeys found the pocket with the treats.
I am not sure, but my Hee-Haws may have some blood hound in them.
My dreams of decent pictures went down the drain...
Here is the product of my day...
I give you pure silliness!