Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Boy's Got Some Moves!!

Please excuse my awful lawn...its on the list of things that need worked on...
Just as soon we get Seven to stop chewing up everything that fits into her mouth and to stop trying to dig holes EVERYWHERE, it may look more presentable...
Or at least like we give a doodie!  (0:

This picture does not show the dogs going after the colt, rather the colt going after the dogs.
They would lay down and he would charge.  Of course none of them would stay on the porch either...
They like being attacked I suppose!  (0:

Hope you enjoyed the action!  (0:  These are 30 some odd of the 260 that I took!  LOL!!  He is just soo fun to watch...and I am pretty sure he knows what the camera is too! 
Love watching this dude grow!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


This colt was born with a lot of attitude!  He is pretty sure that he is the boss...  So on his second day out and about, we started explaining to him that he may be mistaken!  (0:

But we made sure that first Mindy's two "boys" got to meet each other.  True to most  babies, he appreciated being able to have Mindy and Wyatt being at eye level.  Unfortunately his appreciation for his other mother didn't last long...

As some folks like to say... It got a little bit western around here!!

His "Worlds Best Mom" barely even batted an eye as the rodeo started.  She was really more interested in me putting down the camera and giving her a little love.


His expression never got wild or scared, he just didn't want to comply with Mindy's wishes... So he found himself in the stall, on his side...  Where he decided that complying was sooo much easier that being flanked to the ground.
We will continue his lessons on what nice boys do!  He needs to be a nice boy, because bad boys don't get too far these days!  (0;

Once  he and Mindy came to an agreement, all was well with the world!  (0:  We had planned on taking him and his momma out into the (desperately needing mowed) lawn, but the sky's opened up and the torrential down pour that ensued saved him from the halter and butt rope!  Lucky dude!!
And as you can see from this last picture, the rodeo didn't affect him in the least bit!

Friday, May 20, 2011

We Didn't Need Those Extra 8 Days!!

Looky what I found this morning! (0;
Silly ol'Tari didn't give but one small sign she was getting close last night....each little nippie had one small dot of wax on it...and that was all.  At bedtime check, she was munching her hay with a calm lazy eye, and at 5 a.m. this morning, there he was!  (0;  Up moving around, dry and already nursed...way to go Tari!!  Whooot, whooot!!
Yes I said he...bummer dude! 
Luckily my sister was in town on other business, so she got to see the baby brand spanking new!
He had his new baby vet check this afternoon and had a few blood draws...Mindy is going to insure instead of just IMG(??The blood test to see if he was getting his colostrum and using it properly) he had to have another one as well. 
Tari is a fantastic first time momma!  Of course I am a little bit partial but, Dr. Peters even said so!  (0:  Dr. Peters also said in two days he should be walking totally up-right.  Just a lot of baby folded up inside momma.  Of course we already new that just by looking at her yesterday, didn't we?  (0;  She is not nervous...but is attentive and allows everyone to handle her colt with only a watchful expression.  If we didn't know better, we'd think that she had done this before!
Man I love this mare!!
No name yet for the little guy, but he is a true ball of fire and is pretty sure he doesn't want to miss a single thing.  Its pretty exciting 'round here now!!  (0:
More pictures later!