Saturday, May 30, 2015

Not A Lot Going On

So I started this the first of this month!  (0:
And all that was really happening was some pasture clearing work....
A tiny bit done and a ton to go.
The NASTY crows hatched their chicks and had gotten to be just awe-full...
So bad in fact that if you zoom in on the last picture you'll see the neighbors cat in the center tree...
When I came out it was surrounded by the mom and dad crow.  One on each side screeching like there was no tomorrow.
It's a young cat and I'm pretty sure it was wondering what it had stumbled into.
The tree he is in is at least half an acre away from "their" tree.
They are obnoxious. 
If it's not dead rotting stuff on the fence post, it's bird dookie on everything, and if it's not that, then it's their constant noise.
I officially hate them!
I don't remember them being this ridiculous last year.
I found out the damn things aren't a protected species and the BB gun is now in the barn...
When they start getting all up in our business, I let a few fly at them.
I doubt I've hit anyone, but I sure feel better knowing that I might.
The dog's so annoyed by them that she waits for them to land and charges them.  On her own, without any encouragement.  She watches waits and charges.
They hate her...
But they haven't moved out of the neighborhood yet.