Saturday, March 28, 2015

Would You Believe....

That it's spring time in North Idaho and not a single game cam at any of the pawn shops that I stopped at?  The hopeful side of me was.  
The cynical side said, "Duh, everyone's back to work and it's tax season!  There will be nothing good in the pawn shops at this time..."  That side of me was correct.  Nothing!
Sooo, now I have to decide what "real" dollar amount I want to put on my "sleuthing".  
Cheaping out is now no longer an option!  LOL!!

I figured out Friday where the crow's nest is.  It is easily in sight of the dinner post, but on the neighbors property not ours.  It's the tall tree on the left, kind of behind the tree on the right.  If you look really closely or enlarge the picture, you can see the nest.
No chicks yet.
As a side note, when reading up on crows and their behavior, I read that they can/do hatch white chicks...
but usually kill them.  It is extremely rare for anyone to ever see a white crow because the parents cull them.
Smart and weird...

On the flip side of that little set back, Kase and I were out "working" today (Saturday) and saw someone who is definitely capable of bringing in a cat...  Just as Shirley suggested.
A bald eagle!! 
Unfortunately for me, I only had a cell phone...and that bird looked just like a spec of pepper!  LOL!
I really hope that he/she will be around tomorrow when we're out.  I'll have my camera with a fully charged battery, and I'll be able to snap a few pictures of it!
Those birds are amazing!
Way back when I lived on the farm at the landlord's we had an eagle that hung out for the entire summer.  
It was awesome!  I got a few pictures of it, they weren't great but I did get them!!

Now, to decide if I want to pay full retail for a game cam...
And to see if I'm lucky enough to get a picture of a Bald Eagle!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No Buffer This Time!

Sorry, this is just crazy to me...and honestly on these rainy days, the most interesting thing happening!
This was on the post when I left this morning at 8:05.
Not "the usual" post, but next to it.
Sorry had to use my cell phone for these pictures.

Horses are still not bothered by it.
There were two crows messing around the pasture when I got out to take these pictures...
But I doubt that they had anything to do with this.

I asked everyone at work, and no on had a game cam.
I will be stopping by the pawn shops on my home tomorrow to see if I can find one a bit cheaper than regular retail prices.

I must know who's doing this!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

O.K. It Just Got Creepy....

If you're squeamish, don't scroll down and look at the pictures at the bottom of this post.

Jack-Jack says you've been forewarned!!  

I came to the horse pasture to take care of my horses and found another kill.  Kinda fresh, kinda not.
It wasn't there this morning when I left for work.
So it was dropped off on the post between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

This picture was taken after I cleaned up the post.  Funny thing the horses were hanging out waiting for us with the "ick" right there for all to see.  Maybe they don't like cats...

It was so gruesome and shocking, that it totally stopped me in my tracks...
I looked at it in sheer disbelief...
Really, it shocked the crap outta me.
And I'm a farm kid... The butcher your own animals farm kid.
I also worked in an out patient facility and took samples to the lab.
I'm not squeemish, or usually jumpy about blood, guts, bones, bits, and pieces....

Just trying to give you a chance to turn back...  I don't want you to not like me if you accidentally see the pictures at the end of this post!

I haven't heard or seen the hawks for about a week or maybe a little more.
But this is defiantly the work of a  large bird. 
Or maybe the El Chupacabra...

Abbi is also a little bit creeped out by the whole experience today...  She may need a doggy downer to get to sleep tonight!!

All I know for certain is that, it wasn't our cat...

This is your last warning to proceed at your own risk....

Yikes!!  I told you!!
I am going to see if I can find someone to lend me a game cam!!

Monday, March 23, 2015


How do I tell Kase that the Easter Bunny bought the farm?
(I have been dieing to share these pictures with that comment... But can't put it on FaceBook because I'll end up offending someone...  /0: )
Wow, it was just as fun to type as I thought it'd be!  

I'm still feeding Fiona up after her weight dropped with her bad teeth.... I'll try to write about that here shortly....
Anywhoo, I was taking Fi from the pasture to the stall for her grain and I saw this rabbits foot.  
My first thought was, "Oh, no!  Seven murdered one of the neighbor's kid's pet rabbit!"
 (Since we lost Kage, Seven has been trying to find herself and she has been a handful at times...)
I don't know who may have a rabbit, but now I'm thinking about hiding the evidence AND keeping Kase from finding it and trying to play with it.

I am feeding the other kids some alfalfa pellets and cubes so that they don't feel left out with Fi getting pulled for extra feed.  So after Fiona was secured and fed, Kase interested in a new puddle, I went in to feed everyone else.  I dumped the feed and exited the gate only to notice yet another rabbits foot.  Pretty much in the same condition as the first one I spotted...only on the other side of the gate.
Upon seeing the second one, I decided that Seven was probably NOT to blame for stealing some child's happiness, but a little bit of Mother Nature at work...

Then I looked at the top of the post.
It was someone's dinner table.
Well not just some anonymous someone...  One of the two hawks that have moved into our neighborhood.
I've seen them hassling the crows that we have around here.
So I'm guess that they are an old married couple and they needed a date night.  
Since the feet arrived on Tuesday, they have also eaten or prepped for their chicks... a mouse on this post.
I think I need a game cam or something so I can watch them.
I'd really like to get a picture or two of them.
Good pictures, not those far away, can you guess what it is pictures!  (0:
We will see though, as they have started logging less than a quarter mile from the house, and who knows where the hawks were making their home...
Dang it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Got All Fired Up...

....And couldn't find the keys to my locked pick-up.
I'd let Kase play in it a few days previous to discovering it was locked.  All 4 doors...
The keys are kept in the visor, because they have a house key on them to keep me from locking myself out of the house.  And to keep it easy for us to move the truck if we were in some sort of hurry and it was in the way.

Our burn pile is still smoldering thanks to the stumps that were in it.  Kase and I go and "feed" it everyday.  I kind of think he will be sad when it's finally out!

Chad keeps his spare key at work, because he doesn't like to have too many keys on his key ring.
Why at his desk at work.
Because.  That is why.

Great minds at work...

Sooo, I report to Chad that I'm locked out as soon as I discover it.
I was kinda bummed because I was going to haul some various trash from around the place and pick up a half ton square bale of hay from the hay broker up the street.
He says he will look for them when he can remember.

Now they're mobile!!

Good enough, the time has passed and I won't really have time until the following weekend to get hay or do the cleaning and dump run.
That weekend comes and goes, but it was cold and windy and until it was nearly over, I'd forgotten that I needed the extra key.

It really was fantastic weather last weekend!!

Soooo, last weekend Chad rips apart his desk.  His shelves to the left of his desk.  The drawers in the filing cabinet and every nook and cranny in the office to no avail.
He reports back to me that it's a lost caused.
So I start tearing apart my car.
All of the little hidey spots that I have and nothing.
All of the little hidey spots that Kase has...

Queen of the dirt mound!!

On Sunday we were all heading out to start a burn pile and do some work on the driveway and I was complaining about Chad's loss of the spare key and he starts on me about letting the kid play in the truck and not paying attention... And did I look everywhere... and blah, blah, blah, BLAH!!
I say yes I did, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!
Then Chad starts digging through the pockets on my coat and pulls out they keys to my pickup.

It is really TOO early for this kind of dust!!
And yesterday I killed a mosquito on Remi!!


Yes, really.

And now this weekend after all of that beautiful weather, it's raining cats and dogs.
Oh, well.
What's another week?


Get yer ass movin'!
This picture cracks (pun intended) me up!!