Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leaving Town...

Kage in the rear and Abbi bringing in her favorite toy!
Kage feeling pretty good about getting the ball before Abbi!
M-Kitty on her favorite afternoon perch...she can see everything from there!
I don't know if I am the only one who finds it almost an act of congress to get out of town for a few days...but today, I realized just how much work it is to leave. I "manage" an 80 acre ranch for a retired Doctor. He has horses and mules and I have horses and donkeys. Its nearly October so although these 12 animals live on pasture, we have started augmenting their daily caloric intake with grass hay. I do all the animal labor or care and when I leave town I have to either get enough round bales to cover their needs, get a horse sitter, or get the landlord to take up my slack. In this instance we are going to Las Vegas to get married, so rather than pay for extra feed or hire help, I am leaving the heard to the landlords care. He is totally capable of doing so, but getting him on track is a bit of work. Bless him, he is retired and busy living a very active life, if he wasn't...he wouldn't need me! LOL!! So this evening we covered our bases as far as what and how I am feeding, he has the dates written down and I am leaving a note in the barn reiterating my directions...just in case. I will also have my cell phone on me for most of our the livestock will be fine. The other drama we are faced with is getting the dogs and cat a setter. We don't have a yard...we live on a farm! So the dogs aren't exactly able to stay at home alone for too long. Also the dogs have the luck of having parents who work for themselves and get to go to work everyday. They don't know what its like to have to wait to go outside to go potty...or entertain themselves...they make their needs known and there is always some there to answer! Well our last pet setter went to jail...long storey, so he is not available. Too bad to, he did a good job and the dogs loved him. We talked to a couple of friends, but no one is able to keep the beasts. One of our dogs came from the pound and has a terrible time anywhere that they use some kind of cleaners or something that seems to trigger him and he just sulls up and shuts down. ( Every time we go to the vets office, they all have a good laugh at the big baby..) We thought about taking the dogs to the vets for boarding, but Kage would probably die of heartbreak before we got home. Virtually out of options we finally asked one of the ladies that works for us if she would like to get away from her "normal" life and set the dogs. Thank God she said she'd love to! I am so thankful! She has a 4 door car and doesn't mind taking the dogs to work with her and then back home ( I will get her a car wash gift cert. just in cause!) ...that keeps them closer to their "normal" schedule and happier- I think!! So on Saturday she will come out and learn how to work the t.v. and what not. I will get a shopping list from her to make sure we have food she likes to eat, along with a daily wage from the pups I want to make sure she enjoys herself as much as possible and I hope that they are good for her in case we need her again! LOL!!
I have no worries about the cat either way...M-Kitty is good to go with or without someone at I love cats!! Hahaha!!
After looking at their pics...wouldn't you want to "baby" sit them!! Hahahaa!!
Just in case anyone is reading this...I have 9 days until I'm married!! Crazy...just nuts really!! Ugh! We will not only be getting married, but shopping at the Barret-Jackson car show! Window shopping that is! No new toys for us unless its a CNC, then its more of a money earner than a toy I guess!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Proof Reading...

Guess I should be proof reading before I hit publish! What I wanted to say was that Becky was waiting me to get her her evening grain!! Yikes this is harder than I thought...almost like I am back in school and trying to do my homework while watching t.v. Darn that Dr. G medical examiner!! Hahaha!! Something to work on I guess!

The View From My Front Porch

I got home this afternoon and here is what I saw...half the horses on one side of the barn, and half on the other. (Those horses are not in any pictures today...)
Becky Mule waiting for me to get my self down to the barn of her grain...
Ooops, a little out of order...this is looking down the road...looks like no ones coming! LOL!!
This is the photo I was wanting in the 3rd position...Fiona begging for evening meal too! You can barely see Becky on the left. It is so nice to be appreciated for my talents!
A little food for thought today.... Your worst humiliation is only someone elses momentary entertainment!
I am going to remember this next Friday when Chad and I are saying our I do's... Man I hope that I don't get the words wrong!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, is this thing working?!

I have been dieing to blog since I found Fugly... I just don't know what I am going to blog about... So we will see what comes to mind as things go on. I have been told that I should write, but after reading all of the tallented and interesting people who are posting...I'm thinking that those people were just being they didn't have any other suggestions on for my life plans! So bare with me as I flounder my way through this! Hope everyone is entertained to some digree or another!!
Thanks for looking!