Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quote I Found...

Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from indomitable will.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Price Of Love....

...I can honestly say that when it comes to my girls, I thought there probably wasn't one.  In this last year of living "on our own" shall we say, I have tried different supplements, grains, and hay providers.  Working on what works best for me and the girls.  Of course I have noticed it in my checkbook, but I enjoy feeding them my way without explanation, complication, or drama. 
When Tari the Great Bay Whale was carring Speedy, Mindy asked me to feed a certain grain and vitamin supplement.  Mindy has done a ton of research on this kind of stuff and decided that this would be best for mare and foal.  So I jumped on board and started feeding everyone that way!

So on Thursday I rolled into the feed store to pick up my usual, the price had increased.  Increased AGAIN!  I have been buying grain about every 4 weeks.  And for the last 3 trips, it's increased every single time I have been in.  $.50 here, $1.00 there, but this time was different.  When I first started buying this grain, it was around $16.50 a bag....when I went in Thursday it was $19.49.  So I said wow, up again huh?  Lady says really?  Yeah I was $18.49 last time I was in.  So she says, let me double check, I could have made a mistake... 
So she looked...and she had made a mistake, this grain should have been rung up at $22.49, not $19.49.  I have been buying the alfalfa mix...the grass mix was the $19.49 bag.  So we unloaded the alfalfa and reloaded the car with the grass...  I do love my girls, but not at $22.49 per bag.  I have seen several threads about feed going up, and I get that.  But really?  In 4 weeks almost $4.00?  Uh, love 'em but apparently I do have a price limit on my love for them...

So this weekend, I read up on comparable grains at a more reasonable price.  I don't want them to go without grain, especially in the winter, but I am not going to feed them gold...  I still need a place to live! 
I am pretty sure that I have found a suitable replacement that is low in sugar, no molasses binders, high in fat, and protein.  (0: 
Oh, the stress of the freedom of buying feed for my horses!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Could Be One Of My Favorite Pictures I've Taken!

Look closely...and let me know what you think!  (0:

This is Remi's eye by the way!