Friday, October 30, 2009

Live and Learn!

Wow! I really didn't know how hard it was to maintain a blog. Its easy to get all geared up and chomping at the bit about how I can sit down and in just a few minutes expressed myself and tossed in a few pictures for good measure. Ummm, no not really! I have been trying to get the other mules covered for this blog, and well its taking me more than a few minutes; more like a few hours! First draft it, then proof it, then find picture...yikes, this is hard!! I guess I am going to need to schedule myself actual blogging time...then get some sort of logical routine going. Going to cross my fingers that I can get that done and not take the fun out of it! I am truly amazed by some of these bloggers...everyday I check in and everyday something new and entertaining! I am admitting right now I will never be a Pioneer she does it its beyond me!! "Don't find fault. Find a remedy." -Henery Ford

Hmmm, isn't he just too cute! ( :


Saturday, October 24, 2009

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed....

Yeah, I did. I haven't REALLY decided what this blog is about, so today its about me being crabby!! Sorry people! So far at our little shop, we have had two diagnosis of the H1N1 virus...lovely when you consider that we have a whopping total of 6 people working there, including Chad and I. So for the last two days I have been feeling achy, unmotivated, and like I have been running a low grade fever. Lovely! But while working in the medical field I was told that if you drink 64 ounces of decaffeinated fluid you can basically flush your system and get better faster... So today is day two of drinking until my eyes start floating. After my morning coffee that is!! Chad tried this method and seemed to pull out of his little funk in a few days...and since we all know that girls are better than boys, it should take me at least one day less to feel better!! Haha! On an animal note, we have been looking through the paper to find M-Kitty a new friend. She is getting older and older at a rate that seems faster and faster...and I love this cat and have decided to find her a kitten to mold into a mini-me. As you can see from the picture I posted of her today, she has her "baby" that she abuses and lays with, when she can't find her chicken baby. This chicken baby gets packed around and left here and there depending on her mood I guess, but I digress. So I have decided she really needs a friend she can boss around better!! LOL!! We decided that the younger the kitten the easier time she will have of making it her own! M-Kitty has torn up all of our furniture, so the little one won't be able to hurt a thing...then maybe later we can get new stuff...or not! Hmmm....I guess I'm done for now, as its time to get myself into work to do my Saturday Stuff. The fun never ever ends! Go team Hardkore! Ooops guess I'm not done's a little food for thought, or something like that! "From what we get, we can make a living: what we give, however makes a life." Don't know who said it, but I like it!! Bye!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sorry...a few more wedding photos!!

Ready for take off!!
Touch down... (Yep...this is out of order!!)
Chad, me, Mindy (my youngest sister), and Fred (Mindy's husband)
Chad's dad Jim, Chad's Mom Molly, My mom Sue, My dad John, and OUR brother in law Fred I'm still green at this picture should have been last, but its not!! LOL!! This is everyone with the exception of the photographer...pilots and minister (holding the champagne bottle...hell it was Vegas!!).
My parents again along with Fred and Mindy. You can just see Molly's arm on the left...

My boquet... Better than roses...roses are for dead people!!

Looks like the wind is about to blow me over, but its not.... hahaha!!

Neat veiw, huh!!!

No more for a while...I promise!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

She Would Wear A Purple Hat!

This is Becky Mule. She isn't mine, but I love her like she is! She is the landlords old mule. He is sure that she is a quarter horse/donkey cross. He has no real idea how old she is really...just a picture that he knows the year it was taken and that she was a mature mule that summer, which is also the summer when he bought her... So his best guess is that she is in the neighborhood of 35-40. That makes she and I around the same age! Poor old mule! LOL!! When I first moved out to the ranch Becky still pulled duty as a driving mule. She would pull a 2, 4, and 6 up hitch. She pulled on the right hand side always as a wheel mule in the larger hitches. She also was a good packing mule. She was never a riding mule and refused to pull alone, but worth her weight in gold when she did work. Becky was always crabby and would rather just be left alone, there were days during her working career that she was hard to catch, but always worked hard once put to a task. Then about 3 years ago, the landlord retired her from work. It took her about 3 months to figure out that she wasn't in danger of working, and she became a different animal. She began enjoying a good brushing, scratching, and treats. Becky had decided that she was going to be a happy and entertaining retiree.
Becky has now helped wean 5 foals, and is always a good "friend" to any horse who is laid up due to injury. She knows shes old and doesn't pick a fight, but is game to argue with anyone she feels needs it. Like in the picture above..she is telling Fiona that she finds her anything but amusing... Becky has spent a lot of time with Fi as Fiona has been rehabbing from her fracture and tendon injury. Poor Becky just can't seem to get that darn filly to behave, but she tries! Good thing she loves the kids!
When the summer grass gets short and sparse, Becky gets run of the place. As soon as I get home from work she is waiting at the gate. I park and let her out. She grazes along the fence by her friends, then meanders where she finds the best eating. Then as dusk starts to fall she finds her way back to the gate and waits until I get back out to put her in with the crew. Happy as an old mule can be she joins the herd and shares her grass breath with anyone interested in where she has been.
As this winter approaches, I cross my fingers that this old girl will have no problems getting through another North Idaho winter. We have some alfalfa for her if it gets really cold, a blanked on order...even though she has never to my knowledge worn one before...and hopes for one more summer with my "up for anything" old friend messing around the yard, scowling at the dogs and house cat and maybe even "babysitting" Fiona again for one reason or another!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


If there is one thing I've learned from Bridzilla...make sure no on forgets your wedding! This is how Chad and I decided to do to make ours a bit memorable... A little high end car auction....thanks to my FAVORITE brother-in-law (Fred)....
Some pretty ponies...thanks to Ford....
And a helicopter ride to The Ring of Fire for a few I do's!
As you can see, its casual...and I see no real reason to be serious about the situation!
Obviously we are "normal" people....nothing special to see with us...but check out the scenery! It was the most spectacular view I'd seen outside the great state of Idaho! LOL!!
Getting it done!
So there is a taste of what we did!! These are pictures taken by my parents!! Everyone brought a camera...except Chad and I! I will post a few more later on! Flops like Fish (my sister Mindy...Fred- my brother-in-laws wife) and the guy we hires still need to get us their pictures! I don't want to make you quit stopping by! LOL!!
I'll get to my fuzzy, fat, and well loved horses this week!!