Monday, January 28, 2013

More Of The Same Here, Snow!

Everyone's just eating... Eating and pooping... (0:

The dogs are making me nuts, we went from running ( and by we, I mean them, while I rode in the Danger) 3-5 miles a day to being land locked.  We play around in the yard and go up and down the driveway, but it's not nearly enough...
Next round of dogs I get are going to be some sort of dog that just lays around...  NO, not really...but some days!!

Abbi went in to help Remi eat the grain that the Hee-Haws had spilled when Seven started barking because she couldn't get into the pasture.  Unfortunately it was 25 or so outside and my camera hates the cold...  So if you look at Abbi, she's a bit blurry from moving.  Kinda bummed because I really like this picture!!

This is where Seven was when she started complaining that she couldn't get into the pasture.  The strand of wire that is chest high on Seven in this picture is actually the middle wire of our five wire fence.  I finally opened the gate so the princess could get into pasture.
I am afraid that I may be an enabler...  (0:

Kage's picture is another great example of my camera protesting the cold weather.

My boot.  I need new winter/mud boots.  These are "cheapy's" because I'm cheap.  But I've had them for about 4 years and they are just now starting to leak...I looked at some new brand name (name that I can't recall) boots at Big R right around Christmas time.  They were $140.  
I nearly passed out.  Chad mocked me and told me just how cheap I was...I spend my money on GOOD stuff...not horse poop boots!  (0:

And look, the snow pile has grown.  
We're gotten snow, rain, snow, 40 degree weather, and then more snow.
It's pretty tall...So tall that I'm running out of room to easily "huck" it to the side...
I usually start by shoveling from the inside out.  But it's getting harder and harder...  Hope the end of the snow is near, but I fear not!  
Oh, well!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Visitor

This fellow was sleeping in the back yard when the dogs and I got home today.
We woke him up and he started grazing.
He was a good sport about me taking pictures of him while Kage barked his fool head off and Seven stared out the window of the door whining.
I have several more pictures, but due to the 20 degree weather out side my camera started trying to go on they were pretty blurry...  )0:  Oh well.
This fella was at the house after we got home for about 45 minutes before moving on.
He tried to go up the driveway, but the girls were snorting, posturing, and running around he opted to leave out the side of the property where it was much quieter.  (0:

As you can see from the pictures, he has had the cartilage damage to his left ear.  And if you zoom in on his forehead, it looks like hes got a large scar running across above his eyes.  What ever his story, he moved sound, even jumped the mesh wire fence you see him eating over in the above picture, he seemed to have all his faculties, and was good natured

The girls were really NOT having any fun while Jeffery was hanging around! Yes I named him!!  (0:  They act like total freaks for days we have moose sightings.  I wonder what the moose smells/looks like to the horses.  Whatever it is, it must be B.A.D.  (0:

Seven peering out a very dirty window.  She uses it for looking in/out of constantly, thus the smears all over...
She really wanted to go out and meet the moose.  And by meet, she has followed another moose up the driveway before.  She joins up to them like a working dog following a horse.  She isn't trying to chase it, she just wants to go where it's going. 
She is so odd.
Of course if someone saw a pit bull following a moose, two paces to the left of it's hind foot keeping pace with it, they may wonder what's going on!  (0:

I guess I'm trying to use up all of my free blogger space quickly, but I can't help it!  (0:
Isn't he cool?  
I think so!!  (0:

The end!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


This weather that is!
I'm not sure how to download a picture from my cell phone to I e-mailed this to myself and then copied the image to this page.
This my friends is Chad's windshield, after the truck sitting for 3 hours this morning.  I swear this ice is 1/4 inch thick.  Had to warm up the truck AND them scrape it...couldn't just scrape it.
What hooey!!


Abbi is just sick to death of this crumby weather.

The Hee-Haws are conspiring to move to a warmer climate.

Remi gagged when she heard more cold and snow is in the forcast....

Horse Girl got light headed and woozy when she realized that sun wasn't equaling warmth this weekend...

The girls discussed getting in on the boys' plans to flee to warmth...

Seven decided to help them pack for their journey...

Then Jack-Jack's cold got the better of him, and he called off the trip until he could get over his sniffles.
This is actually a picture of Jack-Jack sneezing...his little donkey boogers hit the lens of my camera and ended my picture taking/annoying of the equines at my house!  (0: 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Year In Review

So when I started this, I was going to go through my blogs and see just exactly went on.  Then I decided to just put some pictures up, and see if it jogged my memory.  :0)  I'm sure my memory is not exact...  Chad likes to tell me that I remember stuff the way I wanted it to happen.  What ever...!!
Looking at these, I see January was just like this one, snowy and cold.  Go figure.

We laid my Grandpa Wyatt to rest.
Wyatt turned 2.  
Mom, dad, Grandma Watson, Chad, and I all went to celebrate,  It was a hoot.  Hopefully this February we ALL will make it there again and have even more fun!  The older Wyatt gets, the more fun we can all have!!

I started riding, I'm pretty sure... It's my goal month to step on and ride off every year, so I must have started riding in March!  LOL!!
Fiona went to Brian's to get some wet saddle blankets that I just couldn't give her.  I also picked up Sally from Brian's for Mindy and hauled her home to my sister's so she could get a little rest before going to The BRC's for more training!

My dad had a birthday and so did Kage!!  I really was for SURE riding this month!!
Remi is so broke you just step on and start legging her up.
Tari was a beast.  Taking the year off to have Speedy was harder on her than I would have thought.  Not, she apparently enjoyed the cushy life..
  She decided to start crow hopping.  It was definitely a pathetic attempt, but she is still working on it. Apparently she is a believer in the if once you don't succeed try, try again.  Dingy mare.  She is sound sane and mostly unproven and with a stud cold on the ground trying to keep his man parts, she needs to do SOMETHING!!

My nephew Chris and Abbi had a birthday this month!  :0)
Mindy and Wyatt came to visit again.  Checking on their horses at The BRC's and visiting us.  We had a houseful that weekend. (Aunt) Kathy Jo and Grandma Jo, mom, dad, Kacey, Jeremy, and their brood all stopped by to have lunch and visit.  It was awesome!  We used to have what we called FlopsLikeFishPallooza in September, where we all would head to Sandpoint for the Draft Horse Festival, but family schedules changed and we haven't done it for the last two years...  This was close though.

My Niece Olivia had a birthday this month!
I think this is the month that I went to swing shift...but I'm not sure, it was soo much fun you know!  
This is also the month that  I went down one horse, hoping to come back up one horse if you know what I mean!  I met some really nice, good, honest people on this trip.

Freddy...Wyatt's dad had a birthday this month!
Mindy and Wyatt and I helped at The BRC's first barrel race in Deer Park.
This could be the month that I worked night shift...  Goodness, I just can't remember...
What I really remember is that July was hot!  :0)
The Hee-Haws finally shed off... July is there one month that they can really look their best!  Cute as can be before they start hairing back up!
This is also the month that Mindy and I made a trade, her barrel saddle for 1/2 ownership of Tari.  I know some are shaking their heads...but we've got it worked out.  We aren't afraid to call b.s. on each other and frequently agree to disagree.  We have a plan for the mare and also a set buy out price should one of us need to get out...

Chad had a birthday this month and so did Seven!
We got our round bales in, and the dogs got to play farm dogs for a few hours at someone else's farm.  Gary's a true gem!
Mindy and I hauled Horse Girl home this month, hopeful that there was a baby on board!

We found out that there was no baby on board...but I still refuse to believe it until April.  That prissy little donkey of a vet did nothing to make me want to trust/believe her...
The BRC had her second and final race of the year, and again Mindy, Wyatt, and I helped out.  Again it was awesome!!

Mindy had a birthday!
Chad and I had an anniversary.
Mindy, Wyatt, and The BRC and family came to Spokane for the Ain't Dun Yet Barrel Race.  We all camped out at the Spokane County Fair Grounds and had a pretty fun time!  It was Tari's first exhibition run.   She did some looking and gawking, but over all was just fine.  She even managed to not crow hop during her pattern!  :0)

I had a birthday!
Our water system in the barn got a little work.
Chad and I spent Thanksgiving with Mindy, Wyatt, and Fred.
Great food, great fun!
I also reconnected with my friend Mike Glick.
And in an attempt to get Mike talked into taking Fiona in the spring to get her more or less finished, I ended up agreeing to take her to him the first weekend in December.

My mom and my sister Kacey had birthdays!
We made our regular pilgrimage to my parents to spend Christmas with everyone who could make it.
Had yet another great holiday, but had to leave Christmas night to get home in time for work the next morning.  I really hate having Christmas in the beginning of the week!  Makes it so hard to stay and enjoy time off!

And that was more or less my year.
Not too bad over all I'd say!
Now, I don't do New Year's Resolutions, because I feel like its just a great way to set yourself up for failure.  Lots of pressure to get things done that you may or may not be able to do...
But I'm not gonna lie, I've got a list of to do's for the year.
To do's are different because they aren't goal put out there with time limitations on them.
And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  :0)
My to do list reads something like this...

Try and get lean to built for horses this year.
Try and get some veggies to grow and produce this year.
Ride more.

There are a few mot things, but you get the drift, all sensible, doable, and realistic!