Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our First Winter Begins!!

Please tell me I am not the only person who has put a small round bale in the back of their side by side and make their husband park outside!!  ( :  This is what the girls ate on while I was hanging with the worlds cutest cowboy!! 

Tari, Fiona, and Horse Girl eating on the previous bales brother...or sister!  Horse Girl doesn't love being this close to Tari...even with Tari on her Metaboleaze.  It doesn't fix ALL of Tari's crankiness!

Horse Girl is sooo cute!  And one of the most honest horses I have ever known.  If she is scared, she really is scared!  Happy, sad, and glad to be with you...all real too!

Tari's best who me? face!  She really is a nice girl...she just isn't enjoying being pregnant!  I told her that if she does a really good job with this little one, I'll give her a reprieve for a few years!  ( :  She's gotta get running the pattern!  After that, we will have to see where we are both at!  ( :

Fiona's perfect...just ask us!  ( :  Maybe she is like the spoiled youngest child though.  But maybe she really is perfect....  ( :

I don't know...what it is, but I sure like her!!  ( :  She will be going to work this spring...poor lil' Fi!

Nummmm Nummmm Nummm!!

Harmony...at least for a split second, and caught on tape!! 

Oh, my...looks like we may be starting to show!!  Chad says she has been for a while, but her 30 confirmation was only July 15th.  But now, I am starting to see it!

Oh, look at that cute little belly!  Grow baby grow!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I sure did!! Going to save you the reading and give you a picture tutorial!!