Thursday, April 21, 2011


Kage is howling mad...

Abbi's feeling half spun...

Seven's less than enthusiastic, about it...

SNOW!!  On April21rst!  Not cool, not cool at all!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, Look!! Something Shiny.....

I really have some sort of adult ADD right now.  I will start a project and then something shiny distracts me for a millisecond and I've got 5 things started and nothing near completion! 
Checked with my husband and he verified, I have spring fever.  Who would have thought it?  (0:  Especially since it has snowed here every freakin' day of April so far....Well when I started this it was true, now we have Friday and Saturday under our belts as snow free mornings!!  Wooot wooot!!
Throw on the porch light to go out and feed and fear what will be illuminated in my back yard....3 days in a row there has been about an inch of snow, all melted by the time I get home, but still.  Goodness, enough already!

Big Little Momma Tari has began bagging up!  Pretty exciting!  By the all mighty horse calculator she is due May 28th.  So I've got to start getting my foaling kit together as well as lots of foal friendly bedding.  I was going to try and have the stall floors poured with concrete before the little GIRL arrives, but running short on time so the gravel with stall mats on top will have to work until this fall...  I'm blaming the weather on this not getting done in time for the due date!

Mindy and family were up for dad's birthday, so Mindy got to tell me how huge Tari was and rejoice in the bagging up with me.  She was literally normal the day before Mindy got here and Hootie McBoob the day she arrived.  Crazy mare!

While Mindy was here Remi and I went to a barrel race.  We didn't race, and neither did Mindy.  Her Chix horse is with her Barrel Racing Chiropractor for 90 days.  The BRC is finishing her for my may also remember that BRC is the one who bred Mindy's barrel mare.  Breeze is due 17 days after Tari.  We're considering hauling both mares and foals to the BRC's place and letting the little ones grow up together out on pasture there.  Then when it's weaning time Mindy can take Breeze home and not listen for her calling her foal...  Much that is.  Don't tell Chad, but we haven't really decided when Mindy's filly will go home.  She isn't a foal person...but I like the youngsters, and Chad's just caught in the middle, I guess!  (0: 
By the time the filly's ready to wean, we will have all of our pasture in and I see no real problem with separating them and feeding two pastures here...but maybe Mindy will be so awe stricken by her filly, that she won't be able to leave her here.  Only time will tell.

Sooo there goes that shiny thing again!  Yeah, so Remi and I were at a barrel race.  All of the things complained about by said spoiled brat about the mare really didn't happen.  Still haven't had a problem with loading or unloading or standing at the trailer.  And we were there for a solid 5 hours all together.  When I rode her, she was on the muscle a bit.  But nothing that made me think about my own mortality.
We took 3 times only runs...well trots.  I have some mechanics that I need to work on when riding her, and she needs to just relax and do her job.  I am proud to report we didn't hit a barrel at our nice jog and when she decided loping was a better option on the last run (trot) we went into the third on the correct lead!  Hahaa!!  It was fun and started and ended on a good note.  The game shows start here this weekend, and although I won't be able to make this one, several others I will...  Oh, so exciting! 

Finally got the farrier headed out on Saturday...shiny thing again...this morning!  (0:  Had a few scheduling conflicts and am a wee bit late getting them tended to.  But they have just been eating and hanging out, so no real harm done.  My farrier's son Bubba (don't know his real name) got married last weekend, so there should be some funny stories.  Jim's stories are funny, especially if/when his ex-wife shows up.  (0;  He is never mean about her, but he sure makes fun of her!  Love it, love it, love it!  (0:  They haven't been married for 20 years, and both are remarried, so it's just harmless poking...

Interesting fact (to me) about Jim.  He grew up in Arkansas (home state of Grandma Wyatt) and has eaten raccoon before.  Also squirrel and possum.  He said none of the fore mentioned tasted like chicken.  No, I don't want to eat any of them. 
I like dead cow.  It's tasty.
I like dead pig.  It's tasty. 
I like dead chicken.  It's tasty.
 All other meats are pretty much gross.  Although I do eat some sea foods and think bison is tasty, I don't do venison- this includes but is not limited to, white tail deer, muley deer, elk, and moose (all of which I have tried out of politeness).  Bear and bobcat sausage are also kind of disgusting.  I would however like to try rattle snake.  I don't know why, I just would.  But just a little bit, not a lot.  And I may need a napkin to spit it out in if it's nasty...  (0:  36 going on 12, yeup that's me.

Found a local cowboy to ride the girls.  They got this next week.  He has ridden a horse for me before, and I got good results.  He unfortunately like SO many other talented people has issues.  His is he likes to drink, so he has gotten into some trouble in the past.  He was apprenticing for someone in Texas years ago and has never said why that ended, but I'm sure it's because he likes his whiskey. 
He is talented and has worked for some of the bigger/better places here, but always ended up being fired.  He gets them going in the arena/round pen and then takes them in the mountains.  PERFECT!  They also have some cutting cattle around where he is at now.  It's a little bit rougher than a high end barn, but I am confident that things will go better than the did at the first place. 
Why you ask...  Well he is broke, on probation, and hungry for work.  I have committed 3 horses to him for 30 days, and if all goes well another 30.  Dangling the carrot in front of the donkey so to speak.  Those 3 horses are Fiona, Sally, and Emma. 
Emma is Mindy's and is a whole other story. 
Well better get myself to getting the girls together for Jim's arrival!  (0:

Friday, April 8, 2011


"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."
  ~ Vince Lombardi ~

Although it was terribly funny to watch the dog lead the donkey.  This is in no way a good idea! 
On the other hand, it was funny as all heck to watch and she did work VERY hard on getting him turned around and headed in the direction she wanted him to go.
After all of her effort she laid in the yard and watched them graze.
Very strange relationship this dog has with the Hee-Haws!