Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help Find Flirt...

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Stuff That Really Happens At My House!

My husband and I don't see eye to eye on everything.  Big shock isn't it? (0:
One example of this is when I talk about using horse manure as fertilizer.  He likes to point out that there are better fertilizers out there.  I like to point out that I have plenty of horse manure on hand at all times and we should use it...and share it with anyone who needs some.  He usually just rolls his eyes and tells me how horse manure is not a cure all for things...

Some days when feeling particularly brave, he will "pretend" to be me and have a fake "conversation" with my sister Mindy.  In these conversations, we are discussing all the things we do with horse manure while our husbands aren't looking.  It is usually pretty funny...  I do however wonder just what he thinks we talk about.

So on Monday, this little episode played out...
And I think I won, but you be the judge!

 I was putting out a round bale Monday...while talking on the phone with my sister.  (We were talking about the pain it is to feed in the mud...and ways to handle the mud...)  I ended up dropping Steve (my phone) in the mud/poop/water, of course it splashed ALL over me. I picked up and wiped Steve off as best I could, and continued talking....

When Chad came home from work he gave me a kiss "hello" and asked me what was new, I told him the above story but also added that I was pretty sure I got horse poop in my mouth... Nothing is funnier than watching Chad try and "wash" his mouth out with his beer while gagging out the words, "Are you serious?" 
"Of course, I was serious!!" I responded!!

We will see how sassy he is next time I talk about what we should do with the horse manure that I clean from the pasture!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not Much Exciting Going On Here...

Girls and boys are hairing up as well as fattening up...getting ready for winter!  (0:

A local barrel race put on a race this last week, appropriately called The Ain't Dun Yet Barrel Race.
Mindy and Wyatt came up for it, hauling Tari and The BRC's sister's gelding Roy.
Roy is a funny dude...Mindy ran him in the open.  No pictures of him, Wyatt was keeping me too busy to chase down Mindy and Roy for a photo op.

But of course I got some pictures of the Wee Human, Mindy, and Tari.  I tried to take pictures of Tari making her debut as a Novice, but the lighting made my camera mad!!

Tari is now at Mindy's for the winter...  Mindy will be riding her until spring, then we will try and decide exactly where to put her...

She will most likely end up at The BRC's barn for the summer and then start running times only and novice events in the fall...

That's the loose plan for now.

I tell you what... I love this mare!  (0:

But not as much as I love this little boy too!!

He had the crowd smiling and awing during Mindy's barrel run on Tari.
He and I were standing near the third barrel (outside of the arena obviously...)
As she was loping the pattern, he was saying, "Go Momma!"  "Go Mindy!"  "Ride fast!"

Then he said, "Do good Momma!"  "Do good, ride fast!"
It was priceless!!  We all loved it!!  (0: 

And he was so proud of her!  Me too of course!!  (0:


This however could be my favorite picture of the race...
Wyatt and The BRC's parents!  (0:
It just makes me smile...

Have a good one!!  (0:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just When I'd Made Up My Mind...

I find out, I'm pretty much putty in her hoof....

So, I've been pondering stuff.  This that and the other when it comes to my horses, work, time, husband, dogs, life, and the universe.
O.K., maybe not all of that stuff.
 But some of it.
Especially the horse stuff.

None of my pondering has ANYTHING to do with the New Vets comments, I'm still considering knocking her out if I ever see her again.  (0:
But I have been pondering the horses.  I will never be without a horse or two.  But do I need 4?  5 if I can get Horse Girl to take?
Probably not.  Actually definitely not.  They are just so easy to "collect"!  (0:
I really love my girls, and don't want them to go just anywhere....

I've sold horses in the past to friends, given them to family members, sold them to strangers, but the 4 that I have now are all horses I thought I'd keep forever...and I still may.
But then they are days when I think I should sell one for the good of the others.  I'm still working 6-7 days a week, and every year I'm sure this is the LAST month of this stuff...then surprise, it's not.  One less horse to love on and care for would free up time for the others...everyone would get more of me! (Man that reads weird as I re-read this...more of me... LOL!!)
I've decided to try and look at it as not a loss, but a gain...
Sort of "Spockesk" in the sacrifice of one for the good of many.

So on Sunday, I decided the "best" horse to "sacrifice" would be Fiona.  Conformationaly Fi is pretty sound.  She has a few things that I'd like to fix, but don't they all?  She also has a decent pedigree.  I think that she may be a great option for a barrel horse breeding program.  Why breeding you ask, or maybe you don't.  Either way, I'm telling you why!!  But I think selling her as a broodmare prospect might be a good idea.  She is sound now, but did sustain a substantial injury as a yearling, that could go to pot at some point.  She has 120 +/- rides on her and is willing and enjoyable.  She can be ridden and really there is no reason not to, but I thought I'd advertise her as a ridable broodmare prospect.

I know that this is NOT the time of year for an easy sale.  But I'm not in a big hurry....
So with my add loosely written, I set out to take pictures of Fiona.  I figured I'd advertise her on Barrel Horse World, Dreamhorse, and a Facebook page for broodmares.  I just wanted to get some casual confirmation pictures.  For truly interested parties, I'd take better photos when Chad could help me.
And I knew that it was going to be easier said then done.  Because taking pictures usually is, especially when your subject thinks that you are a vending machine.
Or a massage parlor operator.

So I tried several different approaches to taking Fi's picture. 
I used grain.
I used hay.
I played like I didn't want her picture.  
I played with the dogs.
 I ran from her.
I hid from her.
And all she did was follow loyally.  Positioning herself just right for scratching.  Sniffing my feet.  Grabbing the bottom of my shirt, my jeans, and grabbing my camera strap and jerking...
Reminding me every step of the way, that she was supposed to be the last horse I ever needed to own.
(She is bred to be sort of an all around horse.) 
Reminding me that she is supposed to be the "replacement" (if there is such a thing for her...) for Quoata.

So guess who lost all their nerve?  (0:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012