Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ugh...More Snow!

The girls enjoying the lovely weather!  (0: 
 Took this from the bedroom door...didn't want to get out in this crap and get my camera wet.  It was really coming down hard and for a minute I had to really look to see if that was all four of them.
It was even harder to find the Hee-Haws.  I actually had to go outside to see the two little mouse grey fellows hiding in the trees to the far left of where the girls were standing.

This is a tree in the front "yard".  I say "yard" because I am not sure what you really call this little patch of stuff.  It appears as thought someone had planned on making it a yard, but never planted any grass.  It has some fence, rock boarder/landscaping and lots of weeds and bear grass...  But there is this tree (along with a few others), with this funny broken orange vase in it.  Kacey tried to remove it when we first moved out on our little patch o' heaven, but I stopped her because it had been in the tree so long, that the tree actually has a notch in it from the vase...  So the poor tree looked deformed with out its vase.
I say there it will remain until Chad removes it or the tree...and if he just removes the vase, he'd better hide it or I may just put it back! (0:
I also like the color contrast of the vase and the horse trailer lights in this picture, so there you go...

Can't go wrong with snow laced on your gates.  (0:  You just have to ignore the giant weeds in the back ground.  Oh, the spring yard/farm work I have planned...  But as you can see from these pictures these things look to be way off.  

Kage and Seven decided that they would play in the snow for a minute...
Maybe I instigated it by telling Kage to get the puppy.
Seven knows she is the puppy and she should run like crazy.
Kage knows Seven's the puppy and she will run like crazy.
This phrase is usually good for 5 minutes of laughing.

As long as I laugh and there is no toy involved it's a fun and safe game.
Abbi chooses not to be a part of this game because these two have knocked her a$$ over tea kettle before running around the yard.  Abbi is tough, really tough for a soft hearted kind souled border collie...but she is also smart, and knows that steering clear of the bodies hurling around is the best way not to get hurt.

 Abbi, the dog that actually has hair for this sort of weather, hanging with me and staying out of the way of those crazies in the yard.
My horses have started shedding in the last few days, and I am actually starting to get some spring fever now...dang it.
If this snow keeps up, I am sure my symptoms will increase and my sanity will begin to decrease.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Don't Know How Many Follow....

Pioneer Woman...  
So if you do, you may have already read this.  BUT I wanted to share with anyone who hadn't, because it made me cry at lunch!  (0:  And to publicly call my sister out and make her promise that she will force some cowboys to do this for me when I'm ready to push up daisies!
I so love the cowboy traditions, ways, and their overall reverence for their fellow man and their country.  I used wish to be a cowboy, then I realized I couldn't be a cowboy...I thought I should be a cowboys wife...  But alas, I married a city kid...  Oh well...  (0:

So read it and weep... (0:  The good kind of weep!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Just About Need A Bib!

....Because this colt really makes me drool!
Hope you all enjoy these pictures...even if he is a wee bit dirty!
Rest assured that I have about 20x's more pictures saved on my computer!  (0:
And in case anyone's curious...
A.Q.H.A. has o.k.ed Mindy's first choice for his name!
Whoot Whoot!!

Drum Roll Please....

a.k.a. Speedy

Dash Ta Fame x Horsyn Tari Arrown

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kage Had A Little Surgery!

The remove a large skin tag.  You can see it in this picture if you look close.  
It started out as what I was calling his 9th nippy.  But it kept growing...problem with old dogs, so says my vet.
It got bigger and bigger and changed from the 9th nippy, to Pedro... Kages little friend.
But his friend had to go...bad influence you could say.
Everything went off without a hitch and now he is a lean, mean, giant baby with a svelte profile!  (0:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Found This On Facebook and thought I'd share!

I am ONLY one, but I AM one.
 I cannot do EVERYTHING, but I can do SOMETHING. 
And I will not let what I CANNOT do interfere with what I CAN do. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Healing

And Wyatt's Second birthday!

 brother...  (0:

Wyatt and Aunt Mindy let Kage do all kinds of fun stuff!  (0:

Dad aka Poppa John and Chad fixed the fence.

And laughed like little boys...probably at my or Mindy's expense.

Wyatt's Poppa John....Mindy and I's dad.

And the cake!

Someone forgot to buy birthday his mom improvised.
Go Big or Go Home!  (0:

Wyatt's buddy Coal.

Uncle Chad and Poppa John up to something I am sure!

And then we had to go home...

Then the kid decided to show us his tongue. 

Great Grandma Watson (my mom's mom) and Grandma Sue.

Kisses all around!!

Grandma Sue and Poppa John... sad to have to go...

But not quite as sad as Wyatt at our departure!  (0:
Kid had a great pout face, doesn't he?