Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Black Mare

Hope you all read the linked post...because here is Mindy and I's "auction rescue".  Although we did NOT rescue her, we got her from the girl that did.  For the small price she had paid for her.  Well Mindy paid her, I tried to pay Mindy, but she wouldn't let me...
So here on the back of this horse trailer is my sister business...  Go buy a car/truck or piece of heavy equipment from would be surprised what they have!  (0: 

  When we were kids, we "spied" on the entire neighborhood heck, the entire town probably...and kept track of every one's business.  We just knew that we were going to have our own private investigation business ( No doubt thanks to our mom and her love of Magnum PI...) when we were "grown up". 
Well, let me just say, that the whole P.I., dig until you get the information thing is still alive and well in my sister.  If she finds it interesting or important, she will follow it to an end.
She found out that this mare came from a spoiled little "rich" kid and that she had, had the horse for about 4 years.  She found out the mare's name was Mercedes.  And has found the girl who got rid of this mare on Facebook.  There is more information, but it gets us no where here...
So Mercedes.  Uh, nope, don't like it.  She stayed with Mindy's friend Jennie for a few weeks.  Jenny called her Stella.  I kind of like it, but then again, no.  Not her name.  For obvious reasons Mindy started calling her the black mare.  And again for obvious reasons, that is not a name.  Chad, Mindy, and I have went over several names.  Each one rejected for one reason or another!  So I am tossing this new one into the ring- Remi.  And I am going to use it for the rest of this post.
Her personality is quite serious, but she is still pretty sweet and very kind.  We like her!  A lot!

Before we partied at Wyatt's crib, we loaded up Chix (Mindy's red mare in the back ground, who is probably 16.1HH) and Remi and headed over to Mindy's friend's house.  Rocky and Stacy are lucky enough to have a fairly dry arena so riding was great!
Remi seemed relaxed and pretty straight forward to ride.  She picked up her leads easily and didn't take a wrong step.  She did however feel light on the front end and did have a high head carriage, but like I said before, she was ridden in a tie down before and is used to being in one.  She was also bitted up pretty big in her old life, so we are trying to downsize what she needs ridden in.  The bit I rode her in is referred to by my sister as her Breeze horses "Whoa Damn it!" bit.  It has some bite, but really isn't even close to nasty.  Remi seemed to be comfortable in it and gave to it without much pressure.  The quicker my release was the softer she became. 
As Mindy posted in a comment some time back, despite all we have learned about her other life, she is forgiving and very willing!!!

We rode for an hour or so, then loaded up and went home for the birthday party!
The next day, which was Sunday we loaded Chix, Sally, and Remi into Mindy's small trailer and headed home.  Chix and Sally were dropped off at the reining trainers and Remi went home!   (0:
I had opened up the runs in front of my stalls so that she could have some room to move around and look at things.  She refuses to go into the stall or barn.  So that is something we will be working on in the future.  She had a 12x24 run with the option to go into a clean stall.  She choose to stay outside. 
I decided the best way to introduce her to the other girls was to bring one in and put them in a stall with the top door open.  So they could talk when they felt the urge.  I choose Fiona to be in the stall. 
Fiona likes everyone and she has stayed in a stall for long periods of time with no problems...and she keeps a good house.  Her potty corner is always appreciated! 

Remi and Fiona chatter for 24 hours with the stall door between them.  Then I caught up Horse Girl and Tari and tied them to the trailer.  I tied Fi with them and took Remi into the pasture.  She and I walked the property boundary (fence) and then I turned her loose.  She trotted off 10 steps, then circled up and layed down to roll.  She rolled and grunted and rolled some more.  I have a feeling that she hadn't layed down since she left Mindy's house (3 days), and so the pasture snow was a dream come true.  Once she had scratched each side she jumped up, squealed and took off to the top of the pasture. 
The three girls called to her and she answered, but then went on a little walk about to see everything without me.  While she investigated, I cleaned Fiona's stall and put Horse Girl in it.  I put Tari in the clean stall that should have been used by Remi and the took Fiona to the pasture. 
I know Fiona is tall, but didn't realize how tall until she and Remi did their first meet and greet in the middle of the pasture.  Remi must be 15hh and Fi must be 16hh.  I'll tape them this summer if I can remember.

There was of course some squeals, but mostly Fiona trotted around and Remi watched.  Then she decided to join Fiona.  The two of them trotted and messed around while I got the other two fed and watered.  I watched Fi and Remi for about an hour and decided I had seen all there was to see.  So I opened the stalls so Tari and Horse Girl could go in and out as they pleased.  Tari did some bullying, but nothing too bad.
After Fi and Remi had 24 hours to get to know each other I put Horse Girl out with them. 
Much to my surprise Fiona didn't want Remi and Horse Girl to touch.  She was kind of a snot about it.  Remi was polite, but told Fi she wouldn't take much more of her crap.  Horse Girl waited for Fiona to settle down and then wandered over to meet Remi without the bossy filly.  More squeals, but again they were small and didn't last long.  Then Horse Girl ran Remi off.  Hmmmm...
I went to cleaning out the stalls and listening for drama.  Tari watched a little, but mostly begged for treats.  Once I had the barn cleaned, I realized I hadn't heard anything for a few minutes.  I looked out to see all three of them eating from the same hay pile.  15 minutes later they were all drinking together.
I thought to myself one more to go...please let Tari be nice....

Adding Tari to the mix was E.A.S.Y.  I almost passed out.  Two or three squeals, with Fiona again trying to be mediator.  But that was it.  Horse Girl, Fiona, and Remi went to eating together.  Then Remi left to talk with Tari alone.  Another squeal and then they were eating together.
Not like it was at the Land Lords place.  Where there was running, attaching, kicking, biting, and drama for days.  This is awesome!!
Now we have had a few bumps.  Mostly Fiona testing Remi.  Fi has a kick mark and so does Remi.  Horse Girl and Tari are clear of marks.  No one had bite marks.  No one is limping.  I am happy!!

Tomorrow is dental day for Fiona, Remi, and Mindy's Sally horse.  Tari and Horse Girl will be done before next winter.  Neither one is showing signs of having problems and Tari can't do anything until after the DTF baby is born. 
I will buy my spring shots and West Niles while I am there too.  But give them costs extra $$ to have the vet give them...odd, huh?  NOT!!
  I am hoping Dr. Peter's will be able to give us an approximate age on Remi.  Not that it matters right now, but could later.  She also has an odd spot on her shoulder that I want him to look at.  Oh, and I will get her a new coggins!  She will need that!!
I hope to have a good report from Dr. Peter's all the way around tomorrow!!  (0:

I wish I had gotten a picture of her saddle sore scars.  They are awful...
Over all though, isn't she a cutie? 
Oh, and how do you like the name Remi?  It's growing on me.

And where did I get the name Remi?  Why from House of course!  Although that Remi is spelled Remy...I like the "i" ending better than the "y".  And you??  We could have called her Thirteen...but the dog has a number name, so been there done that, won't repeat it anytime soon!

Wanted To Share....New Title, Old Post.....

We can go on and on about horse slaughter and unwanted horses... 
Hell, every other blogger for the most part has.  I read them, digest them, and go on.  I usually don't share them, because it does get tiring and depressing reading them.  I keep my thoughts to myself, on this matter because I don't want/need the drama that can ensue when posting about this matter.  And in general that is not what my blog's about...
BUT, I love reading this blogger's writing, stories, and eagerness to share her knowledge...  And I think she rocked it with this post/article.  I feel her view adds a whole different twist as she was a trainer...
So if you are interested, click here and see what Mugs has to say.


Guess This Is Why My Horses Aren't Shedding....

Honestly, this sucks!! 
And I heard on the radio this morning that with the wind chill on Friday and Saturday it will be in double digit negatives. 


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Party At Wyatt's Crib!!

A week ago today, we were celebrating Wyatt's first birthday!!
Here are a few pictures from it!!

His birthday theme was CAT.  No sissy stuff for this boy!

At first, he felt like the whole birthday thing was awful.  He was full on crying when they put him in his high chair.

Then he tasted the cake.

And everything got better from there.

Wyatt and his girls...

Then he had enough cake and was ready to open a few presents.

But the camera people had him pause for a photo op.  He was not impressed...

And yet another delay in the present opening...

But maybe this part wasn't so bad...

Wyatt's friend Fred H., best girlfriend Amelia, and Uncle Rocky.

Aunt Teresa grabbed him up for some ice cream...that was a pretty good treat!!

Then it was time to dive into the presents!!

Little Wrangler butts drive me nuts!  Heeee!!
These were Uncle Chad and I's gift to Wyatt.  At this age clothes are good.  (0:

Not sure he liked what was in here...

But the pony from Grandma Donna and Grandpa Sam was great.

And so was this card...

And this box, well it totally rocked.

Then he moved on to helping with clean up.

Here he explains to Kim and his dad how the garbage goes in the bag.

Demonstrating how the bag goes into the garbage box...

Crazy little dude...he seemed to have a good time.  And we sure did! 
Too bad they live so far away, several people were unable to attend due to distance.  Chad and I drove there and back over the weekend.  BUT if you don't stay too long, you can't over stay your welcome and thus can go back later! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dorky Dog...

On the way to Mindy's house to party with the nephew and pick up some horses, we stopped in Vantage.
Mindy and I consider it and Ellensburgh the "halfway" points.  Vantage is where the dogs get out to stretch their legs, use the rest room, and sniff...and sniff....and sniff some more.

They were just being themselves when Kage spotted a log in the water...
He decided it would be a good thing to retrieve and possibly have Chad toss back in.
As he thinks Chad should heave all things large for him.

After initial inspection, the girls told him he was nuts...
So he looked to me for help.
I told him, dude I'm with the others.  You. Are. Nuts.

He worked on it for quite some time.  He went from being able to stand and mess with it, to swimming after it.  He did a pretty impressive log roll a couple of times, but those pictures didn't turn out...

He then tried a new avenue for getting the log.

That didn't pan out.  Soooo, he circled up and went to the bank that was closest to the long and hopped into the water again.

It was about 40 outside and much colder in the water.  So we finally MADE him admit defeat and get out of the water.  He wasn't happy and got scolded a few times for trying to sneak back to the log.

Of course we didn't have a way to dry the dog, so he got into the truck soak and wet.  He shivered and whined...we turned up the heat and waited for him to settle in and take a nap...

And of course smelled the sweet smell of wet dog the rest of the way to Mindy's. 
Next time, I will pack a towel for the mutt...but who would have thought he would have went for a swim?
It certainly wasn't on our agenda!!  (0;
He'll definitely NEVER be a "Dock Dog", but he will forever remain my Dork Dog!!  (0: