Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aaaaannnd They're Here....

The flies and gnats that is.  It was pretty nice not having them 'round, but with all of this warm weather, they have arrived.  I read about two weeks ago that Shirley from Ride a Good Horse had put out her smudge pots, and I thought to myself, poor Shirley, I've got it good here.  Well Thursday I noticed some head shaking and tail swishing and thought here comes the flies, better start thinking about getting my fly spray made up...  
But first to find the recipe... Yeah, it's MIA.  And really I can't remember what all was in it, except  some sort of natural oil, some kind of animal fat, apple cider vinegar, and water....  Errrr, something similar.  So rather than spend time looking for the stuff, I just decided to look for another recipe.
Why homemade fly spray?  Well because I really hate paying $14.00 for fly spray.  It's painful to spray that kinda money into the wind.  (0:
Well I found three that aren't it, but worth a try I think...  I'm not sure which I'll buy supplies for tomorrow, but I'm making one of 'em.  I've got enough of the other left to last a few more days, but the girls and boys really don't want me to run out.

Here are my choices/options for this go 'round....

*Homemade Fly Spray for Horses #1*
Mix equal parts of the following: 
Cider Vinegar
Dawn Blue dish soap *
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well and use as you would any fly spray.

*Homemade Fly Spray for Horses #2*
Mix the following:
1 cup white distilled vinegar
1 cup Water
1/3 cup Dawn dish soap (blue, not ultra) *
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well and use as you would any fly spray.
***NOTE: Dawn Dish washing does contain formaldehyde. If you wish to substitute a non-formaldehyde dish soap, this would work just as well. Lemon Brite is one.

*Homemade Fly Spray for Horses #3*

2 cups white vinegar
1 cup Avon Skin So Soft (Bath oil)
1 cup water
1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well and use as you would any fly spray.

I would like to comment here that the home made fly spray I'm using now  I am using in conjunction with skin so soft.  I like to put the skin so soft on after the fly spray and really "grease up" their heads using a sponge.  The sponge also allows me to get into their ears without dripping anything into their ear canals. (My Hee-Haws ears are also treated this way.  I made sure that they allowed their ears to be handled when they were small enough to "man handle".) The skin so soft makes them stink to high heaven (Chad calls it their Granny smell...), but the greasy oiliness of it really stops those gnats from landing.  And if they land, they can't really move around the heads surface or take back off.  Essentially killing them.  I will also add that I have not noticed the oil of the Skin So Soft causing Horse Girl's white face to burn, but I do not put it around her nose which is the place that she usually burns.  I do put it around her eyes, but in all the years I've had her, she has never had a sun burn around her eyes. 
But they usually wear fly masks in the day time, and right now I don't have any...  Because last year they really torn them up, and honestly, I thought I'd bought more during the winter months when I can save a few bucks...  But I've looked everywhere to no avail.  So today, while I'm out and about getting groceries and fly spray ingredients I'll try and find some fly masks with ears.  Good luck to me I'm guessing, merely because now, EVERYONE and their brother has noticed that they need one.  Being a last minute Louis never pays off!
More later about which I chose and what I think of it.
I do like the recipe that I can't I will keep looking for it too.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Hee-Haw's Summer

So far so good...  Just look at 'em!  (0:

They have some how managed to avoid the Jenny Craig for Men pen.
Again, I think the hay nets keeps them from really gorging themselves.

I'm not saying they're in "shape" or fit, but they aren't looking as pregnant as usual...
I think!  (0:

I don't really know what Parton's doing in the above picture...  He's a dork.  A crabby dork, but a dork just the same!

Jack-Jack, just as happy as a little guy can be.
As is their Hee-Haw way, they are ALMOST shed out by the time it gets stupid hot here.
By stupid hot, I mean we are just finished our 11th day in a row with temps in the 90's.  
Or so says the weather man this morning.

I know that in general, Hee-Haws and dogs don't mix, but look at how happy this little family unit is!
Seven found a great spot for horse/donkey apples and Patron decides she needs supervision...

Then Jack-Jack decides he should help...

And soon Sevens snacking and the boys are supervising.  This insanity goes on nearly everyday here. 
Seven eats poop, they watch.  Seven investigates the spot where the rabbits have burrowed under the fence to get to the neighbors side... The Hee-Haw's supervise.

Now I'm not saying Seven hasn't been spanked for being naughty and I'm not saying that I haven't have to get in between her and a Hee-Haw attack.  But over all, these three kinda like to "do stuff" together.

Summer, Jack-Jack say, is just dandy 'round here!  (0:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Remi's Summer

I'm guessing that it's the easiest one she has had since she was a two year old!
Remi has 6 rides under her belt...

She soft...  She has no "wind"...  She has no "legs"...
But she has a shiny coat and a pleasant expression.

I have also some how managed to keep her from being hog fat.
I do partially attribute that to the hay nets, they keep them busy and keep them from really gorging themselves.

Anyways...  If I'm lucky, maybe Remi and I will top 10 rides before the snow flies...
We just have to get the two legged baby "on the ground" first!  (0:

Until then, Remi gets to wander around bare footed...  Probably also for the first time since she was a two year old and keep the crazy red head company!

Which is a full time job!!

I think it may give her a head ache on occasion!
Probably the only thing harder on her, would be if Fiona was here too.

Then she'd really have her hands full!

Yes, my tank needs cleaned...  Some donkey/horse keeps dropping things into it... I've found sticks, clumps of grass/weeds, and a paper bag in it.  
I'm guessing the bag blew into the pasture and then became a "toy"... 
Sticks are a dime a dozen for "toys"...
The clumps...  I don't know...

Of course I know the donkeys are the ones putting goodies into the tank...
Look at that eye, Remi would never do such a thing!  (0:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Horse Girl's Summer

Finally getting around to blogging something...  It's been a long time, but mostly because Mindy and I haven't been able to have ANY horse adventures!  It's crazy how much we actually did last year and the year before, even though we live a days drive apart!  (0:

Now, Horse Girl is rarely involved in our adventures as she has not been ridden in...
Are you ready for this????

5 years!  (0:  
Good gravy...  When I think about that, I wonder just how nuts I am to have a "useless" horse on my feed bill...
Oh, what the hay, it's only money, right?

As you may or may not remember, we tried to breed her last year.
Vet said empty...and some other things that made me NOT trust her, so I decided to hold out hope until spring of this year.

I kept an eye on her, and her ummm.....  Urination habits, and sure enough, those naught little donkeys announced that she was in season.  )0:
I contacted the breeder, they said no problemo.  Get her to the vet, and lets get her bred.

And then her limp got abscess.  
Then limping for other reasons.
More tweaking of her feet.
Made a vet appointment, it got canceled due to an emergency.  
Then Tari went into training.  Half cost to me, half cost to Mindy.

Then I found out I WAS pregnant...  
Oh, and still more limping.  
I opted out of my re-breed.
Why not....

I'm not happy with the fact I can't seem to get her pasture sound... Adding all that weight to her, I feel is wrong.  So more work with Jake on this...  And right or wrong, I'm really on the fence about getting x-rays for a definite diagnosis.
Next, I'm wanting Tari and Fiona's training to progress. (Although Fiona's is covered for this year...Tari NEEDS to preform for Speedy's future!)  If I've failed to mention it before, Tari is with the BRC for 4 months.  Working on her work ethic and the barrel pattern. 
Ugh, yeah, Tari wants to work one day and act a fool the next...
Lastly, I am pretty sure that Chad's son...(0: ....... Will have me TOO busy to actually do an justice to my foal next year.
Now, will I try and breed again next year?

Regardless, of what she does or doesn't do...
I love this crazy red head!!
And as far as her summer, I think it's going just the way she likes it...
Slow and easy!!  (0: