Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Pictures, And A Few Words Too!

We got to Mindy's Wednesday night...
Kase had his first and the Good Lord Willing inconsolable melt down. 
I guess a little over 8 hours in his car seat just did him in...
It was not fun... 

Thursday morning he was his normal charming self!!
The boys and their "wake up" parents...

They then did some bonding on the bed.
Wyatt told Kase all of the fun things that they could do together once Kase got older.
He even told Kase about eating bacon...
Made my heart warm! 
Bacon is it's own food group 'round here!!

We didn't do any wild stuff this year...  (0:

We just about bored poor Wyatt to tears....

Mindy and I did some "Black Friday" shopping...
With nothing to buy really... So we didn't leave the house until 8:00.  (0:
Grabbed a coffee, a couple of gifts and then picked up Chad and the kids for lunch.

Which by the way was GREAT!!
Freddy did a little bit of "lighting" on his windmill...
The windmill was his birthday present this year.
I've gotta admit, I've got a little bit of windmill envy.
It's pretty awesome.
Right now, it's just a decoration...but there's talk that could change...

Mindy and I grabbed a quick ride.
It was my first ride since April/May!!
Why risk injury, when you can ride your nephew's new horse!  LOL!!
That's right, this cute as a button full sized horse is Wyatt's horse.
She is cute steady as a rock and pretty fun to ride too.
Best of all Moose, is only 6 years old.
Of course Wyatt doesn't ride her without his mom, but this horse was born to be a kid's horse.

I had a ton of fun, and was surprised at a few things.
1.) I've still got my balance!!
2.) I've got some weight to loose, that DID affect my ability to mount up.
It actually struck me as odd that I probably could have used a mounting block to help with the dexterity I'd loss being heavier.
3.) Riding REALLY does make good times even better!!  Well that one wasn't really a surprise... (0:

Mindy rode her new horse...and I am kicking myself for not carrying my camera with me as we rode.
There was no danger of my dropping it.  And I'm not really sure why I left it.
Oh, well!

I also realized that this is the first year that Speedy wasn't home for Thanksgiving...
He's off being started and learning how to be a "big boy".
Maybe next year!!

Seven took several naps in odd places...
She LOVES going to Aunt Mindy's...she did get in trouble a couple of time for "deviling" the cats.
She is sporting a few marks on her nose to prove it.
She also got a couple of spankings.
Bad girl!!
They love her anyway, thank God!!

Wyatt and Mindy read to Kase.
And Wyatt shared some of his favorite Mickey Mouse and Helicopter video's with Kase.

Kase found his Aunt Mindy amazing...

The third picture for this series of photo's is at the bottom of the page...
Oh, Blogger how I love you...

We were duped by Pinterest.
They convinced us that putting your baby's feet on ornaments with glue and glitter was easy.

Well, it's not.  I'm not sure we got one that was worth a hoot.
Wyatt's hands on the bulbs however turned out pretty good.
That boy has some mitts on him!  And he's at the age that these kinds of things are fun!
Kase really just had to do what we wanted...  (0:

Yeah, not as easy as they said...

Wyatt loving the "art project"!

All done in...
Chad and I got to sit on the floor...

We really had yet another great Thanksgiving!!
Hope everyone else did too!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inspired By Shirley...

Shirley over at Ride A Good Horse seems to have a knack for getting great pictures of her gelding Rio with his tongue out after drinking.
I rarely see the girls or boys drinking when I have my camera.

I really don't know why, but it's just not something they do when I'm out taking pictures...
But this Sunday, Remi decided to take a swig while I was watering, camera in hand!

I probably took about 30 pictures of her drinking, trying to get a picture of her tongue out water dripping form her lips.

Well, apparently Remi doesn't stick her tongue out to drink.  
I'm not sure if that makes her a lady, shy, or what.  But I went through all of the pictures, and not a one has a tongue in it!  So these are the ones I liked the best!

Maybe next time I'll catch someone else drinking....
Tongue out, water dripping!  (0:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Now Falls Frozen!

So I turned 39 on Saturday.  It doesn't seem right...usually my birthday is closer to Thanksgiving.  So had it not been for my mom, I honestly may have forgotten my birthday...and so would have Chad...and Flops Like Fish!  (0:  
Now I wouldn't intentionally forget my birthday because I'm getting older...  That's just life.  I'm good with aging.  I feel like I'm 25 for the most part...  Chad says I act like I'm 16 most days...
So that's not too bad, right?  (0:

I usually make birthday resolutions, rather than New Year's Resolutions.  I feel like it's a bit more original...
But as I've said before their not set in stone types of things.  Just like a to do if I can list.  No reason to set myself up to fail!!
I'm working on this...I'm blaming my almost forgetting my birthday as the reason I'm a wee bit behind on this!

What did I get for my birthday?  
A washer and dryer.  Maybe I am getting old...  (0:
I got Chad 6 lbs of gun powder for his birthday.  Are we weird?
Probably, lets not answer that!!

Took the dogs for a run today...  It was 9;00 am and warmed up to a whopping 29.
It's been pretty dang cold.  But at least it wasn't snowing!
I know we need snow, but I'd rather it wait until we get back from Thanksgiving before it lets loose.
Makes it easier on our house sitter and easier on us while driving.

So this is what the scenery looked like....
I had no idea how gross this puddle was until I went through it.
I'm a fair weather quad/danger rider.  I don't climb hills, forge water or ice.  I like smooth even ground.
I tried to take the easiest route, but still ended up gripping the steering wheel and cussing like a sailor!
On the way back, I tried another route...ended up getting stuck and tossing Kage onto the floor...

He of course gave me a look like, "How dare you?"  I reassured him that if I had done it on purpose, he'd have been tossed entirely out of the Danger not just onto the floor.
I doubt he believed me, but trust me, I did not want to come to such an abrupt halt.  Nor did I want to toss him in the floor...
And in the list of things I didn't want to do, I also didn't want to have the small heart attach that I did when I thought I may be stuck in that ice mess.
Luckily reverse fixed our situation...

I can't even imagine Chad's response if I'd have called him to come help me...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Is Getting Snowed On! (0:

This isn't the "reflection" puddle, but you get the idea.  There would be no reflection on this dog run.  What cracks me up about this picture and the entire trip/run is the amount of tire tracks on this little road.  It's hunting season here.  Which I have NO problem with, but I do have to wonder...out loud...
Why would anyone think that they could hunt here successfully?

Are there deer here?  Yes, I've seen plenty.  Moose?  Yes, they are the reason I took my camera out on Sunday.  I was hoping the weather and the hunters would have them moving around some.  Elk?  Not sure, but seems like there should be some...
Are there joggers, horse back riders, kids riding motor bikes/snow mobiles/quads out there?  Why yes, yes there is/are!  
It's been my experience that ANY road directly off of a main highway and near 4 different housing developments is going to get A LOT of traffic.  Thus not conducive to good hunting.

But, then again, what do I know?  (0:  
I don't hunt...because I don't like venison...and I was raised that if you killed it, you ate it.
Do I think you should hunt?  Indeed I do!  (0:  That's why, even though I feel like its a waste of effort to hunt this road, I make sure I take the dogs out late, so as to not ruin anyone's chances.
And I still see 2 or 3 rigs with hunters.  I just smile and wave...
All the while thinking...
MORON!!  (0:

Every once in a while, it's not hunters looking for something, but hunters dropping off what they a;ready got.
This makes Seven pretty happy!  I find joy in watching her run all out, trying to not trip over her treasure.  Kage and Abbi don't have the enthusiasm to try and pack home a treasure...but for Seven, it's the little things that make her day!  (0:

These two pictures are out of order...  But about 6 weeks ago we had a wind storm come through.  It really didn't seem all that bad, but the tree on the left (lower picture) blew down.  Well partially down.  It got hung on the tree on the right.
The people who put in the barn really should have fell these trees then, OR built up the bank around them.
We opted to have both trees taken down rather than risk the second tree falling down.

And although this snow doesn't look like much, it was wet and heavy.  We got about 6 inches all together.  
It broke trees all over our place, as well as our area.  We ended up loosing power on Saturday for about 11 hours in a solid block and then it went off and on for the remainder of the day.  
We have a generator, so we had heat, lights, and internet.  (0:
The t.v. isn't plugged in to a generator fed outlet...but that's O.K.  We could unplug it and plug it in elsewhere.
I chose to surf the net for half of Saturday and go to work the other half.  (0:
Power wasn't out in town!!
As a side note, I saw 2 rigs off the road and on their sides.
Both Dodges.  Both lifted with big tires.  Both driven by men.
Hmmm...  (0:

I decided that I had better get more of my winterizing finished...
So I turned off faucets that we don't use, picked up hoses, hung hoses in tack room for watering the horses, plugged in water heater, plugged in tack room heater, picked up temporary fence, and turned on the heaters in the apartment.
Our power bill just rose $75...  (0:  
I love winter!  LMAO!!

Remi is so cute!
No one wanted to have their pictures taken on Sunday.  They just kept trying to get me to give them treats...  Or grain....  Or extra hay....  They stayed at the gate the entire time I was outside.  They all got an apple.  I am weak, but not too weak! 

We are still working on getting Fiona home.  
Mike decided to take a "winter" job...  So now we've got to schedule...
I am considering a hauler.
Sucks 'cause then I can't ride and hang with Mike and Erin...
And I will not get a lesson from Mike on how to ride my newly trained  horse!
I'll keep ya posted!  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Falls Here! (0:

Although I missed enjoying summer (it was too hot for me being preggo) I am still happy to see the leaves changing and the temp dropping!  I am a little sad that the days are getting so short, but you have to give a little to get a little I hear!

 Rain has found us, and even a spit of snow popped up...  But the rain gave me a couple of photo op's when I took the dogs out to run last weekend. (This weekend it's not looking too promising as the weather is awful right now...) But we will see!!

Anyway, thought I'd share a few.

On the horse front, Mindy and I sold Tari.  She is going to one of Mindy's horse acquaintances.  I may or may not have mentioned Fiona that spent some time with a trainer named Brian for some work...  Well if I did or didn't, that is who purchased Tari.  She just isn't fitting Mindy's style/program, and now with Fiona with all of this time and work under her belt with Mike, I just don't want/need her back.  /0:  I've got mixed emotions, but I know that Brian already knows and likes her and he is the best home that Tari can land in for promotion of Speedy.  Hope full that we will get updates and that she will be a total rock-star in the end! 

I also talked to Mike last weekend.  He and Erin are going to see if they can't actually haul Fi up here and stay for a few days.  Bringing horses for themselves too...  Mike wants to spend a few days with me and Fi training me so that I don't booger up his hard work!  

It's a real relief, as I was trying to figure out how to haul with Kase.  With Mindy busy and 8 hours away, it wasn't viable for her to come up and then head south with me for 8 more hours in a truck...  Chad's really busy at the shop and can't really take a 4 day weekend.  Desperation was about to set in and I was seriously considering trying to con either my mom or my dad into going with me.  

Although spending time with either one of them would have be great...  The trip would have definitely been colorful to say the least!  LOL!!  Also please note that I didn't say my mom AND dad... The two of them together with me and the baby and the dog (Kage is my traveling partner.) would have really be something to blog about!  (0:

Love you both, mom and dad!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Little Boss Man...

Jack-Jack couldn't help but noticed that the round bale feeder was empty on Saturday...
We needed to more the feeder so that possibly I could clean up my pasture a wee bit this week...

So I tipped the feeder on it's side and rolled it to it's new location and then went to get gave for Chad and the new round bale...

But we didn't move quite fast enough...and the boys decided to check the feeder out.

Patron decided that the position was good... But Jack-Jack wanted to double check.

He gave his approval... But Patron wanted to inspect a little bit more, just in case.

When the tractor entered both of them went on alert...  Chad's a good driver...  (0:

Horse Girl (not pictured) got in the way of the tractor trying to "sneak a bite" and almost got bumped.  Patron was beside himself with disbelief at her stupidity...

But just in case it was Chad's fault, he decided to get away from where the bale was going to be placed...

And maybe scratch his side as he went by...

And the little Boss Man, himself... Jack-Jack, gives us the OK!  (0: