Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Boys!

As you scroll through these, you may think...hey, these are not in order!  And you will be dead on!  I posted the pictures that I liked best first!  (0: 
Hats off to Stacry for some super shots!!

These first three pictures are of the Barrel Racing Chiropractors baby.  They are calling him, Pee-Wee or Squeaker, or Tiny, or something along those lines!  Please feel free to tell us all his name in the comments family of the BRC!
He has the nicest hip and kindest eye, but his momma isn't a snuggler, so right now so neither is he.  )0:

And here is Speedy!!  He L.O.V.E.S. people, thanks to his momma...  Tari the lap dog!

Scary picture of me...notice my butt has a tumor...  Ugh!  It's the bag that had carrots in it.  Can't leave that kind of stuff around!!

Stacry lovin' on "her" baby and momma!  Stacry is the BRC's sister...and not a total horse person, but she loves her Speedy...Also known as XL...  Thanks to Tari's brand and his size!!

Speedy tried to bite me!  Grabbed his lip, and the little dork was not the least bit detoured!  He is a spunky one, with a lot of determination!  Born to be a winner, I just know it!!

Breezy, AKA the Bomb gettin' some treats from her Aunt Stacry and Aunt Nikki!

Seven was sooo excited to see her little bro Speedy.  Speedy, not as happy to see Seven... and the other colt, tried to kick her...  Not that Seven noticed, she was busy being a pup!  The Farm is Seven's favorite place to visit!  She gets love from the dogs (less Josie) and BRC's husband Ken!  She runs and runs and just has a blast!

Stacry's pup, Cinnamon, AKA Cinnamonster playing with Seven.  In 45 minutes they wore each other out!!  Wish they were closer so I could wear our dog out faster and more consistently!

The end!  We actually the beginning picture...but like I said, I put the best pictures first...'cause I can!!  (0:
Hope you all enjoyed Speedy and his bro!!