Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Round These Parts

Lots of things have been going on lately 'round here.
Mindy and I've got our dates picked and set up for picking up Fiona.  We're just looking for someone to take with us to watch the boys while we ride... Any takers?  (0:
They're pretty cute!!

I check in with Mike this weekend to see how things are going on his end.  Last time I talked to him he had pretty much decided on the drills and thing he wants to cover in the mini clinic he's going to give us... He's also hoping we have some questions and things we want to work on... In my head I'm wondering just how much time he has!  LOL!!  Mindy's a pretty technical rider with a goal, so I'm sure she will make sure we're busy!  LOL!!
He told me that after 6 months of setting he stepped on her today and rode off.  No warm up, no tip toeing around it and she rode off better than when he put her up for winter!  He said she is ALMOST perfect!  He then declared her broke!
I told him that I'm forever in his debt and if he needs anything that is within my means, he'd better call me!!
I'm of course pretty excited to get to ride my horse, have an adventure with my sister, nephew, and son!
I'm also excited to have Mike yodel for my son.  Kase loves music, so I'm thinking "Mikes Music" will really make the little fella grin!  I'm going to try and video it if I can!!  (0:
Mindy brought Speedy home to The BRC's barn to start him on the pattern.  
Unfortunately there were some holes left/made by the first trainer that The BRC is going to have to work on.
And Speedy digressed in his socialization while at the initial trainers.  My sister worked hard to keep Speedy socialized and familiar with other horses, fence lines, and spaces.  Because Speedy had all of his body parts she was really sensitive to keeping him a good boy...
But as soon as he arrived at The BRC's farm he wanted to demonstrate that he was "THE" man.
He was respectful to the humans, but wanted to whip some ass on any of the geldings that got close...including those that were on the fence line.  It took two weeks to decide that with some deep soul something drastic needed to be done.
My sister decided that Speedy having a happy life, NOW, was more important that trying to "teach" him that he was acting unacceptably.
Speedy is now a gelding and a few of Mindy's goals have changed, but the end dreams are still alive and well.

Chad and I are getting around to getting some of our pasture/driveway stuff moving forward.
Mostly because dad had some time off, but a steps a step!
It was nice to have him hand out with us for a week, and even nicer that he likes digging in the dirt!  Pretty sure that's where Wyatt gets it!  And hoping Kase gets that gene too!!  (0:

Dad said he found himself "distracted" by the shenanigans of the Hee-Haws...  He said he'd be working along and then he'd look up to see them racing around after each other, little puffs of dust behind them.  He also said he was surprised how fast they were and how long they carried on!
I told him that now he knows why I keep them around.  They truly are our comic relief and cheap entertainment!

Our grounds pretty soft still and wet believe it or not, so there's more to do, but not without making more things to fix...

Chad and I now have enough burn piles to keep us buys until the burn season's over until winter...and then probably plenty for winter too.  I used to work a burn pile at a time by myself, but with Kase, I'm trying to figure out how to go about it.  Safely of course!  (0:
If all goes semi according to plan, we may have our second side pasture fence in for winter!
I did say MAY, but heck we are moving forward!!
Whoot! Whoot!!

They look exstatic don't they?  LOL!!
What they are really less than impressed with is this....

This is Chad's pile...  He says he's going to use it to fill in low spots and fill in around the trees where the equine family members have warn the ground away at the bases.  It's full of rocks, sticks, roots, and goodies that we, meaning I, need to clean out.  I guess it's a good idea, if we get it moved!  (0:
Dad said Remi was watching him the entire time he was dumping over the fence, and when he would move the front end loader to another spot to dump, she would move with him.  Always at a distance, but never yielding her watchful eye.  And when he got off the loader to eat lunch she walked to the pile and inspected it.  When he walked back after lunch, she resumed her position watching him work....
This mare is crazy cool!  Sure wish I had her papers!  (0:
And that's what happened 'round here since my last post!
Still haven't ridden, yet!!