Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Pictures, And A Few Words Too!

We got to Mindy's Wednesday night...
Kase had his first and the Good Lord Willing inconsolable melt down. 
I guess a little over 8 hours in his car seat just did him in...
It was not fun... 

Thursday morning he was his normal charming self!!
The boys and their "wake up" parents...

They then did some bonding on the bed.
Wyatt told Kase all of the fun things that they could do together once Kase got older.
He even told Kase about eating bacon...
Made my heart warm! 
Bacon is it's own food group 'round here!!

We didn't do any wild stuff this year...  (0:

We just about bored poor Wyatt to tears....

Mindy and I did some "Black Friday" shopping...
With nothing to buy really... So we didn't leave the house until 8:00.  (0:
Grabbed a coffee, a couple of gifts and then picked up Chad and the kids for lunch.

Which by the way was GREAT!!
Freddy did a little bit of "lighting" on his windmill...
The windmill was his birthday present this year.
I've gotta admit, I've got a little bit of windmill envy.
It's pretty awesome.
Right now, it's just a decoration...but there's talk that could change...

Mindy and I grabbed a quick ride.
It was my first ride since April/May!!
Why risk injury, when you can ride your nephew's new horse!  LOL!!
That's right, this cute as a button full sized horse is Wyatt's horse.
She is cute steady as a rock and pretty fun to ride too.
Best of all Moose, is only 6 years old.
Of course Wyatt doesn't ride her without his mom, but this horse was born to be a kid's horse.

I had a ton of fun, and was surprised at a few things.
1.) I've still got my balance!!
2.) I've got some weight to loose, that DID affect my ability to mount up.
It actually struck me as odd that I probably could have used a mounting block to help with the dexterity I'd loss being heavier.
3.) Riding REALLY does make good times even better!!  Well that one wasn't really a surprise... (0:

Mindy rode her new horse...and I am kicking myself for not carrying my camera with me as we rode.
There was no danger of my dropping it.  And I'm not really sure why I left it.
Oh, well!

I also realized that this is the first year that Speedy wasn't home for Thanksgiving...
He's off being started and learning how to be a "big boy".
Maybe next year!!

Seven took several naps in odd places...
She LOVES going to Aunt Mindy's...she did get in trouble a couple of time for "deviling" the cats.
She is sporting a few marks on her nose to prove it.
She also got a couple of spankings.
Bad girl!!
They love her anyway, thank God!!

Wyatt and Mindy read to Kase.
And Wyatt shared some of his favorite Mickey Mouse and Helicopter video's with Kase.

Kase found his Aunt Mindy amazing...

The third picture for this series of photo's is at the bottom of the page...
Oh, Blogger how I love you...

We were duped by Pinterest.
They convinced us that putting your baby's feet on ornaments with glue and glitter was easy.

Well, it's not.  I'm not sure we got one that was worth a hoot.
Wyatt's hands on the bulbs however turned out pretty good.
That boy has some mitts on him!  And he's at the age that these kinds of things are fun!
Kase really just had to do what we wanted...  (0:

Yeah, not as easy as they said...

Wyatt loving the "art project"!

All done in...
Chad and I got to sit on the floor...

We really had yet another great Thanksgiving!!
Hope everyone else did too!!