Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Turkey Day Fun and a PSA

When operating an ATV or ORV of any it is ALWAYS a good idea to wear a helmet.  It is also ALWAYS a good idea to wear a safety restraint when ever your vehicle is equipped with one!

Speedy and his friend Hi-Ho.  Yes Hi-Ho as in Hi-Ho Silver.  (0:

Wyatt watching me take pictures of Speedy and Hi-Ho from his front porch.

Wyatt helping work on the motorcycle with his dad and Chad.

He decided that maybe it just needs some fuel...

Seven and Hanks ball....

Hank following Seven and his ball.



Finally a running motor cycle!!

Mindy and I and our barrel work! (0:

Mindy and Chad doing some barrel work.

Turning for home...

Getting a little light in the rear-end...

...and over she goes!

Chad's side landed down.  Mindy was the one injured the worse.  She has two black eyes and knots on the back of her head, her elbow and leg.  Chad had two knots on his head and a bruise on his hip...

Due to the roll over, there was a change in driver and we played for another hour before we went in to ice,aspirin, adult beverages, and a fantastic dinner.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tari The Terrible

Nikki, "Tari, you are NOT being nice.  I thought you were supposed to be NICE when you came home and got over the heartbreak of weaning Speedy."

Tari, "Me, really are you talking to me??"
Nikki, "Yes you.  You are the ONLY Tari here that I am aware of!"
Tari, "I'm just trying to whip these guys into shape....they seem to be a bunch of slackers lacking any sort of direction."
 "Let me breath on that finger and warm it for you..."
Nikki, " Sucking up won't help!  Too much more whippin' and you are going to find yourself living alone with no one to whip... Keep that in mind would ya?  Maybe try employing the walk softly and carry a big stick method of leadership...."
Tari, "I will take that into consideration...later...when it's convenient for me...."

Before Tari was in foal we lived and the Landlords place and there were 12 head of horses, donkeys, and mules.  The herd dynamics had Tari in the top 4 of the heard.  But Tony, Mave, and Jamison were above her and pretty brutal when it came to discipline.  They also really didn't allow anyone under them to boss anyone else around.  I guess they kind of expected the rest of the horses to act as drones... 
I couldn't wait to get out of there and have a nice happy fairly quiet group of girls.
Well apparently Tari took the ToMavIson book of beating down your herd mates.  Even in foal she was being a tyrant.  I added a supplement to her feed and I am assuming that the supplement along with her advancing pregnancy mellowed her out quite a bit.
I sort of figured that the entire motherhood experience would probably help her out a lot....not to mention Breeze Bomb would give her a good dose of humility while they were together...

Well, the first day home was pretty quiet.  However each additional day has gotten louder.  First I blamed it on her swollen bag.  Surely that makes her crabby...and although she does still have a bit of an udder, I am pretty sure that she is in no way suffering any sort of residual pain from weaning Speedy!  So I have marked pain off of the list of reasons why.  I am also starting to think that she is nastier than she was when she left.  Maybe Breeze Bomb had an adverse effect on her and she couldn't wait to get away from her and punish the other girls for all that she had been through in the last 6 months.

Whatever the reason she is being a beast, it is pressing on my last nerve!  If we had the other side of the property fenced, I am certain she would be over there right now, with the Hee-Haws.  They seem to be the only ones she hasn't taken to picking on.  Now, currently no one is missing hair and she isn't actually hitting anyone when she kicks.  But really, its probably going to escalate to some sort of damage to the others eventually.

I do still have the Hee-Haws pen up that is across the driveway from the pasture.  If it gets too bad, I suppose she may find herself in there.  It's not a lot of room and I am not a big fan of cleaning a pen in the winter, but she may end up over there before too long!  If she does end up over there, then she will be 100% alone because there is no way I would subject the Hee-Haws to living in a small space with her...  And it goes against EVERYTHING I believe to keep a horse alone with no other horse contact.  Ugh!!

And if the rude, nasty, bossiness of it all wasn't enough... the squealing she does... Good Friday, really. It's so not good sounding and unnecessary. The others know what she is doing when she starts backing up at 50 mph, do we really need the attack cry too? I don't think so!!
I tried reintroducing the Metabol-Ease into her grain, and it has been drama central.  She won't eat it at all.  She flat won't eat her grain.  I know for a fact at The BRC's house she was on plenty of different supplements, so this can't taste any worse than anything else that she has had.  Can it?  Also she has eaten it for 8 months or so.  This should be just fine, shouldn't it? 
Stinkin' horse!  I love her, but right now I would like to sell her, strangle her, give her away, spank her silly....

Maybe after the rest of us tough out her leadership skills for the winter, going to work in the spring will make her a nicer girl.
Who knows, and one can always dream...can't we?  (0:
Any suggestions on mood altering drugs- just kidding, about the drug part, but supplements would be appreciated.  There has to be something that would help...she doesn't seem to be sad, miserable, or depressed...she is more like a bully.  Nickers to greet you and asks to be loved on.  Will also halt all violence when yelled at... 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Right out of the lovely state of denial I was living in and thrust into the harsh reality that it is in fact winter.  When we left for work yesterday morning, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground.  About 5 inches...should have done something about that when we noticed, but decided not to... When I got home even more there was even more.  We probably ended the day with 10 inches of snow.  Because our drive way was not plowed I had to Evil Knievel it down and into the garage (something I profected last year, as it would wait to snow until I was at work, and then proceed to dump 8 inches of snow). 
 I was lucky in that I didn't have to put out a new round bale nor did I have to fill water...  All I had to do was get the tractor hooked or mostly hooked up to the snow blower so that Chad could move some snow.  That drama ONLY took the better part of 45 minutes bacuase the blower was burried in snow.  Yet another draw back of living in The State of Denial I suppose.

I was unable to get the PTO attached, because the cover that protects it is a real pain to get off, my fingers were froze, it was dark, and my husband would be home at some point to fix it all... I got the rest of it together and into the barn for easy assembly for Chad.  Go Nikki!!
Frosty The Snow Chad got a pretty good start on the driveway this morning and should be able to finish it off tonight...I could work on it, but it gives him ulcers the way I do it...  Lets just say that I am not the perfectionist that he is! (0:
Next up is to jump in line with all of those Last Minute Lulu's and Les Schwabs and get the snow tires on all three of our rigs... shouldn't be too bad...  Yeah right! 
Oooops!  LOL!!

Kacey Did NOT Tell Me To Blog This!

Hahahaaa!!  I love you sister dear!  Thanks for all of your help!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dad Said, Blog This....

....I am not sure if he was serious or not, but here ya go Daddo!  I kind of think that we- my family likes fire.  Not on the criminal side of like, but just in general.  (0:

Friday afternoon we decided to burn the big's the one we made last year! A little bit of a wait, but at least we got it going! (0: There is a ton of dirt in the pile because we were literally pulling the worthless trees up by their roots and piling them up. This is what we did after picking up Mindy's good barrel horse Breeze and Speedy and Tari the Great Bay Whale!  (0:

This was a week ago and the pile still has hot spots in it that are smoldering.  We are going to try and break it up this weekend and wait until spring to relight it!