Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Feeling Like Spring!!!

These unseasonably warm temperatures have really started making my mind kick into gear...
Yet, the Doubting Thomas in me thinks as soon as I start making spring plans and get things going, I'll have to stop for snow...  (0:
What to do? 
Well, how about if we start small??

And by starting small, I mean, lets wear a warm shirt and out sweatshirts outside...
Then lets look around at everything and try and see what I can do with a toddler alone.
Make lists in my head of things we'll need Chad for, what I can do while he is "doing" his own "work", and what I might be able to see to 80% completion while Kase sleeps.
Lists, I'm going to be the Queen of lists again this year!!
But, this year, I think I'll be able to get a bit more done.
Mostly because Kase is older and I can do more with him.
Last year we tried, but his naps are pretty short and he wasn't happy just being put into his stroller to watch...  This year I'll get him some "tools" for him and we'll start messing around with work!
I can also put him on the tractor and he'll sit there and drive for 10 minutes before he's mad that he's not moving!  What a bonus for me!!  (0:

In my Pre-Spring walk-a-bout, I took note of a few things that were frustrating...
First off, I miss judged how much hay I'd need to get to the next haying season.  Bah!!
I knew that we'd hauled with a smaller trailer and I'd need to haul a few more (5) bales in my truck to have the same number that I'd had last year to start the year with.  I also knew Fiona would be eating here and that would add a few bales... (10 was my guess)  Well, I hauled in 16 more bales.
Yeah, should have hauled in 26 probably.  )0:
I'm not complaining about the money or the time.
I'm just thinking, REALLY Nikki?!
How could you have so grossly under estimated your horses hay consumption?
Yeah, I'm not sure.
I have been slowly feeding out the 40 small bales I bought too.
But I feel like their consumption is right on where I thought it would be.
It's the rounds I'm going to be short on.
I've found a source, but really to me, it's the principal of the whole thing!!

The next thing that wasn't a "happy spot" was Fiona.
Now I have physically touched my horses almost everyday this year, having learned my lesson last year with Horse Girl's eye.
BUT Fiona always presents with her head and neck.
So I usually pet her there more than anywhere else...
I guess..
I'm not really sure.
Anywhoo I was giving her the once over, (and she has started one else has...)
And really she is under weight.
Everyone was wormed once we froze.
No one else is ribby...
And it's been about 3 years since she saw "The Dentist" so I'm assuming it's her teeth.
I fed "snacks" and she seems to be chewing normally.
Nothing is falling out of her mouth.
No odd chewing... But it seems like the most likely thing...
It's all I can really think of that would be the issue...
An issue that I'm pretty sure wasn't there a couple of months ago.
They are all in good condition really, and Fi's not horrible, but for being on free choice hay constantly, she's not heavy enough.
So I'll worm everyone again here at the end of the month and also schedule a dental day (aka, give all your money to the vet day) for the about the same time.
In addition to these things, I'll probably add some fat (vegetable or coconut oil) some grain (probably a mixture of equine senior and whole oats) and maybe some extra alfalfa cubes.  Also considering getting her a little beet pulp.
So weird to have her thin coming out of such an easy winter...

And as I think about Fi's teeth, I have to consider everyone else...
Horse Girl's teeth haven't been done in about 5 years.  She was evaluated when Fi's were done, but the vet said they looked pretty good and since she wasn't doing a darn thing except eating, she should be fine.  Matter of fact he told me that until I saw cause to have them done, just let her be.  I feel like she may need something, just because it's been so long.
Remi is a real burden on my moral compass and heart.
She is a kind and loving soul...  But I'm never going to ride her again.
Her mucus runs outta her nose almost nonstop. 
She isn't really coughing, but it's coming...
On one hand, it's been 3 years since her teeth were done, and they were AWEFUL, but on the other hand what's the point.
I have already started working on my mind set about her health.  If I cannot keep her comfortable without pumping her full of steroids this summer, I'm going to let her go.
I hate having a stuffy nose and feeling like I can't breathe.  Not being able to breathe easily on a daily basis, coughing nonstop, with thick mucus running from your nose and being poked everyday with a needle...
I don't know, I just think that's a poor quality of life for her.
And me.
It damn near brings me to tears thinking about it.
The Hee-Haws haven't had any dental attention since they were gelded...
Oh, about 8 or 9 years ago.  I think...
But they are F.A.T.
So I don't really feel any urgent need for them....
Except to get some weight OFF of them!

And rounding up our walk-a-bout is the fact that we- me really needs to get halters on the Hee-Haws and get some time with them and Kase in a more controlled setting.  A setting with a purpose.  To this point it's just been pet, feed, pet, throw treats at them. 
It really seems like Patron had a real interest in Kase, and if I've learned anything about these two is that they choose "their" person. 
On paper, Jack-Jack is Chad's.  In "life", he's mine.
On paper Patron is mine.  In "life" he's more mine than anyone else's, but I honestly think he'd like Kase to like him.
Jack-Jack wants nothing to do with Kase...
Which is fine. 
I kind of feel like we should start working on them spending time with each other and learning about one another.
Hope Fiona isn't too jealous that "her" kid maybe spending time with someone else!

While I'm thinking about it.
How do/did you experienced parents control the interactions of your kids and the large animals.
My horses are quite and their herd dynamics are quiet and well established. 
All three mares are interested in Kase and very cautious, or seemingly cautious.
I'm not so worried at this time about him getting kicked (the Hee-Haws are kickers and I am ultra alert when he is on the ground and they are not facing us...but that's another thing entirely), but stepped on.  Definitely.
None of my horses are treat crazy and I also get large treats and have been trying to keep Kase only throw them out to them... But he really wants to hand feed.  And they are pretty good about taking stuff gently... I don't want to tell him no and make it not fun for him, but want him safe too...
Fingers don't grow back!
The last thing I want to do is scare him off of anything that I consider "fun".
Well, that's not right, the last thing I want is for him to get hurt... Followed by the previous statement!