Thursday, April 29, 2010

When The Gate Gets Opened- Horse Girl's Chapter

Poor 'Ol Horse Girl...some of her really good pictures are taken with Fiona...and used in Fi's post.  She just didn't get the shutter time on this one that she deserved!  ) :  So I reused one, just because she looked so fun!  I love it when my horses show some sass!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When The Gate Gets Opened- Tari's Chapter

Tari got a lot of shutter time, because she was REALLY animated for some reason!  Sooo happy to get some good pictures of this mare...  Man I love her!!  ( :

The donkeys are Tari's.  She made sure that they were pushed to the gate and then she left them behind.  But once they all got to the pond side of the property, she moved them around for about 15 minutes, keeping her "little boys" close until everyone settled down.  You can tell by their expressions that her bossiness really isn't appreciated much.  Poor little criminals!  ( :

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chad Says....

Why do you insist on taking my picture?  I hate it...

Uh, yep...sure looks like you don't like having you picture taken from here.  Too bad you are not the boss of me!!  I am the boss of me, and as the boss of me... I am sending you and the boss of you this little note:

Dear Sir,
It is the opinion of this office and its staff, that if you are not fond of having your picture taken; then by all means stay out of my way.  But until you and your office take measures to not be in the line of fire, you are fair game.  Thank you for your attention on this matter,
The Staff of Nikki

LOL!!  I love you hunny...and to prove it, here are a few more pictures of you!!

Yeah, tell you horse how mean you wife is to you...she is sympathetic to your suffrage.  She too hates to have her picture taken and will get out of the way as fast as she can!  ( :

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Last Of The Trailer Pictures....

I promise!!  ( :  The Land Lord got Nick the neighbor to come over with a piece of equipment and take the log off of his horse trailer.  That was after he had his friend Rick ( the nicest guy on the planet...and a horse logger) cut the thing up a bit.  I failed to get pictures of the tree after Rick had cut it from the butt/stump, but that's how it goes some days. 
He also got the front end of the trailer picked up and place on some blocks.  He hasn't said what he is going to do with it.  But another neighbor came up today and asked if we knew what the Land Lord was going to do with the trailer.  I told him I doubted the Land Lord knew what he was going to do, but I would pass on that Glenn was interested in the tires/wheels/axles and the jack stand if the Land Lord were piecing the thing out.  He said maybe he'd trade some hay for it.  I am sure the Land Lord will be all over that like stink on dodo!  If he enjoys anything, its the barter system.  Crazy old fart....
So without further adieu...the LAST of the trailer pictures!!

From the front of the trailer looking back...before Rick did his handy work!

Back to front!

The creator!!  This is front to back...

Back to front...

Door open...guess we can load still load the Hee-Haws!!  ( :

Creators of the tree....

Banana trailer!

The End!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010