Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spa De' Nikki

'Er something like that!!
Took the tractor out and scraped a giant low spot out in front of the stall that Fiona uses for eating her grain.
I'm not going to sugar coat it.
I don't have the time to tie her out and soak her feet in a mud puddle like Jake suggested a couple of times a day for an hour or so...
I work 32 hours a week and have a toddler, and a husband who works 65-70 hours a week...
Not enough time in the day for it.
And goodness, it's been so damn hot...that it's all I can do to get her fed (and everyone else too) and the rest of the chores done before Kase and I have heat strokes!
Then lets not forget the all crap that has to be done in the house!

Oh, poor Nikki!


So this I feel works.
I've made it a tad bit deeper and wider since I took these.
I'm doing me darnedest to get her entire foot soaked twice a day while she eats her grain.
It does prevent her from cleaning up after herself, but she is robust enough now that I'm not too stressed out about it...
Well mostly that's what I'm telling myself.

Fiona doesn't mind the water for the most part.
But she did decide to try and skinny up against the rail where she was eating, and thus I widened it.
She drinks from it after every meal, not really sure why.
It is "fresh" every time she's in it.
So maybe it's tasty!

Due to this nasty hot weather, my hay guy's fields only produced 1/4 of their usual crop, so instead of getting 15 ton from him at $160 a ton, I got 4 at $200.  )0:

I had enough money saved up for my usual with some to spare, but Fiona's "new" feed bill kinda put a dent in it.

Now I'm getting 10 ton of alfalfa grass mix (hoping it's a better mix than last years...which had some alfalfa in one flake every third bale..)  From my old hay guy at $210 a ton.  The long and the short of it is my hay bill went up $600 and for less hay than last year.

What do you do??  /0:

So due to my $$ horse money crunch, I'm passing on the soaking boots for now and hoping this will do the trick.

And if it doesn't...
Then I'll get the boots as a last ditch effort.
I'm pretty hopeful that this will do the trick though!

And then I can "fix" the area in front of my stall!

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Kellie said...

I think that'll work just fine. We haven't heard if our friend will be doing a hay deal for us like he did last year. Fingers crossed tho. We've had sooo much rain this year..... There is never enough hours in the day to get it all done and when we've got the time well occasionally it's nice not to have to bust our asses. We might be getting a bit of your heat this weekend here. Up to the 90's and high humidity they say. Take it easy :)