Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fourth Week Skinny Horse Picture

I can definitely see progress!!
Whew!  I'm so relieved.

I tried and tried to get her to stand square, but she's a big brat.
And so she's not square, but much improved non the less!!

Her top-line could still use some more work, but so glad the her lizard back's going away!!

And of course the before....

And this one....
The full side view!

She of course also looks so much better because she's gotten her summer coat on!
But her hind end even looks better!

So glad that feeding her up is working!  (0:
Sent off some of these pictures to the vets office and they "bounced" back, so I've gotta call them tomorrow and see where to send them so I can get feed back from Dr. Peters.

And a few more pictures just because I took them!!


Shirley said...

Looking good- keep up the good work!

Kellie said...

She does look so much better! Good job :)